Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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UPDATE: Now readable! Yippee!

     Faeris pulled the knife out of her stomach with a grunt and blamed everything on the vampires. She watched the brutes eye her blood hungrily, and sent them on their way. Better to deliver the corpse to Mevolent before they lost that bleeding carcass, too. "For Aevil's sake, why did they have to growl like that? They were in human form, even!"

      What she didn't blame on the vampires, she blamed on the Inkbright girl. "Stupid puddle of disgusting goo. What was with the disciplines some people choose these days!" or Fabi S. "What was she thinking, hitting me with my own bleeding cell phone? It's simply uncivilized!"

     All of this, though, was out of fear. Even the way she ranted about Redirection... Own Reflection? She was trying to ignore the fact that she was secretly scared of them. A group of cute guys like that...they really might take over the world. She shuddered at the thought, then winced. Being stabbed in the stomach hurt. A lot.

     Faeris fiddled around with her lock picks, wondering why something so simple and stupid would actually keep her out. It wouldn't. Eff D. wasn't the type to have only one entrance to a room. It was worth a look, at any rate. She got up and quietly moved outside.


     Faeris tiptoed through the alley until she found the door, hiding behind a dumpster. How appropriate. She dodged the anvil, barely. Stupid, heavy, blacksmithing table thingy, whatever. For Aevil's sake, it wasn't supposed to be a bleeding projectile!
     She clutched her stomach again. She really needed to get to a healer, after she got her revenge and the prisoners. She slunk down the corridor, stopping when she heard voices ahead.
     "Have you forgotten that I'm standing here?" the voice wasn't Fabienne's or Inkbright's.
     Fabienne exclaimed something from the other side of the wall, not happy to see this new person. Maybe an ally for Faeris? Not bleeding likely, but it was worth hoping. She started forward, looking for the secret panel she could use to enter the room and ambush them.
     "Guys. I need to kill somebody now, or I'll die." Faeris stiffened, hoping that somebody wasn't her. She'd forgotten to get rid of Ink's emergency knife, and her metal hand (drat! I forgot about that! I'll have to add it into the past a bit later...) was probably also visible in Fabienne's metal-sensing radar. She backed up a step, then sagged in relief. The girl who'd spoken earlier was probably wishing they had forgotten she was standing there.
     "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Could that be...Mr. Bliss? Faeris backed up another few steps, hearing a bizarre explanation of bread and Elizabeth. Then her foot slipped, and she tumbled to the floor with a loud "Crash!"

Fabi tried to stand, to see what it was, to feel what it was in her mind's eye, even, but she could barely think.
Ember pushed her back to the ground gently, but firmly. "Moving right now is not a good idea, Fabi. And even if you could move, you couldn't fight. I'm just going to pop out in the passage, devour everyone's souls and come back. See you in two minutes!"
She was gone before anyone could argue.
Fabi tried to sense what was going on, but her metal senses weren't working, she was too tired to focus on them. There were several crashes in quick succession, with a creaking in the background and running footsteps. Fabi couldn't tell for sure, but she suspected an anvil, swinging back and forth from the ceiling and hitting the wall over and over. At least, she hoped it was just the wall.
Star appeared over her, biting her fingers anxiously. "I'm going to go help. Uh, sorry about the floor."
She too left down the secret passage. Liberty was dead. Mara had either teleported or left the room, Fabi wasn't sure exactly when. That left Fabi in the room with Bliss the potato.
"Do you have any idea why the blazes I was brought back to life as a potato?" Mr. Bliss sounded a bit calmer, but there was an edge to his voice that made Fabi shiver.
"No. I was unconscious and paralyzed at the time." She would be polite, she told herself. She wouldn't laugh at the potato.
Fortunately, a series of crashes from the passage cut off any more interrogation attempts Bliss might have made. Unfortunately, Fabi still couldn't think. Which meant that forcing her self to her feet, making herself stagger towards the tunnel entrance and start down the spiral steps into the mess of things was probably a bad idea. Which meant that Fabi must have had some of her brains bashed out when she'd hit the floor. Lovely. 


  1. Oh, and those scribbly lines were just a fancy way of saying that I couldn't think of a title.

  2. Pssst, the text was blacked out. The site may be playing an evil on you...you may have already noticed though...almost certainly...need any help fixing it or are you fine doing it yourself? (I'll probably mess it up anyway...)

    This chapter amused me. It was very good :) Well done, keep on truckin'.

  3. [Facepalm] Tbh, I hadn't noticed. Thanks, it was a quick fix once you pointed it out.

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