Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Harrison: The Revised Plan

The atmosphere in what appeared to be a grand hall was that of awkward tension. Garnet had fallen asleep at the table, head on his arms. Vex sat opposite B-J, looking a little awkward and trying to get as far away as politely possible from the blonde girl beside him. A Vampire, apparently, and she appeared to have a thing for the poor guy. There was a redheaded teenage girl on Vex's other side, texting someone on her phone. Nobody had spoken for about an hour now. She began to drum her fingers nervously on the table. "So...you two are working with my brother...how are you finding that?"
Tewdews, the vampire, shrugged. "Boring. He ran out of jobs for me a while back."
Vex met B-J's eyes. "Disconcerting. We're failing."
She sighed. "Any idea how the Grand Mage is?"
"Last I saw, he was in pretty bad shape, but as far as I'm concerned, he's back at work, so I think he's fine..."
She gave a relieved sigh. Garnet shifted beside her, snorting and mumbling to himself in his sleep. He always sleep-talked, but always at enough of a mumble to be impossible to make out. The teenager raised her eyes from her phone finally. She then raised her phone so that she was holding it to Vex's face. "Smile."
He looked a little bewildered as she took a photo and sent it to her friends. There was a few minutes silence before she turned to him again. "I think and my best friend agrees that you are hot."
"You're too young for me."
"Yeah, I thought as much." She turned to B-J. "Isn't he hot?"
"I guess so..." She mumbled, not sure what to say, "I mean...not my type...but..." She shrugged and hoped the teenager would leave. Vex shifted uncomfortably. It was probably the knowledge of who these people were and what kind of place and crowd he was getting himself into. He fixed his eyes to B-J. After all, she was the good one. She knew the Grand Mage. It didn't matter about her family. He jabbed a finger at Garnet. "Who's he?"
"Garnet Dorado...friend of mine..."
"Ah, I thought I recognised him...he goes around killing people with that guy with the ponytail who gives names to his knife, doesn't he? Mortis something..."
"Mortis Grievance." Garnet mumbled, turning his head the other way. Vex nodded, eyeing the ginger man nervously.
B-J bit her lip nervously. "I...I never heard that..."
Her friend barked out a laugh, his head still on the table. "Killing with Mortis is fun! He has the stupid name for his knife and once almost got lynched with that stupid custard-coloured ribbon he sometimes holds his hair back with...other times it's just a scrunchie...but ribbon means he's feeling gruesome...but when he was hanging from the tree I just stood there and laughed. He nearly killed me for it. Letting him nearly die, I mean." He finally sat up. "Mr Vex! I thought I remembered that heart-wrenchingly annoying voice. Still sing horribly off-key in the shower?" He noticed the raven-haired girl staring at him and barked another laugh. "Innocence is dead boring, Bill."
"Don't call me that."
"Assassins or not, leave my shower singing out of it." Vex added, making Garnet laugh again.
"Mr Slow Reactions..."


Harrison had never been very good with computers. He had Van Dreg peering over his shoulder telling him how to do everything and getting increasingly annoyed as the Australian Mage became increasingly confused. Finally the other man pushed him off and took over, asking what he needed accessed. The Australian stepped back and let his companion do the work for him, his gaze trailing to the window. He thought he saw a movement out there and moved to look, but he was distracted by Kat calling for kitchen-related help...something to do with the dinner exploding on her. Scaramouch's tongue poked up out of the top of his mouth as he concentrated on Harrison's task for him, unaware his life was now in danger. The computer screen was out of view of the window, but the person peering through it from a distance could just about see the overweight Mage's flabby backside. That man had just accessed the secrets he needed and so was the only thing standing between him and such secrets.

Ursa Borealis readied a gun, taking careful aim. As he squeezed the trigger, a random dog burst into the bushes and cocked his leg against Ursa's. Naturally being peed on was distracting. The bullet drilled through the glass of the window but it didn't hit the fat Mage. It instead exploded a cushion on an armchair instead.

Scaramouch's head whipped round to look at the exploding cushion, eyes widening. He went to examine it, sifting through the feathers until he found the bullet. A gasp escaped his lips and he looked back over to the window, raking his eyes over it until he found the little hole where the bullet must have come through. He edged out of range of the window and into the next room. He pulled the computer plug out as he passed with his foot, so when the man broke the window lock, slipped in and went to the computer monitor, there was nothing there.

Ursa kicked the dog away from him as violently as he could, watched the overweight Mage edge out of the room, looking terrified. He allowed himself a chuckle. He could easily adapt to this. He slipped in and rolled his eyes. Of course they would turn off the computer. "Fred?" He called, moving into the main room, tilting his head. It was empty. Of course. "Valarian? Riordan?"
Harrison walked through. "Ursa Borealis, I assume."
"Yeah, bitch. Fred Mould tell you about me?"
"He told me you killed all your team mates when you were with him. Including Valarian and Riordan."
"Oh yeah. And Lacerta...she was hot..."
"You're psychopathic and unstable..."
"And I have links to Mevolent."
Harrison paused for a moment. "Are you trying to get me to try and kill you or are you making an offer?"
"Both. I think I have a revised plan for you. But I want to kill the fat guy."


Esra pulled the surgical mask away from his face and shook his hair loose from the cap thing. He allowed himself a stretch and sat down to rest his legs. Standing up that still for so long was difficult. The man had been lucky to have survived until being brought to his attention. His elder uniform had been thrown away for the man's own safety and his own underclothes were being washed and repaired. Meanwhile, this Garnet person was about the perfect build for the man, and so had been relatively willing to donate his clothes to the poor sod. They consisted of a Black Veil Brides shirt and a pair of violet trousers. In the other room, the Czech man was waking up. Esra chose not to go see if he was alright, deciding he would prefer to sit there and hum 'Carolyn' by the same band on the shirt. His sister loved them as well, and he had heard them a fair bit in Mevolent's castle. After a few minutes, he remembered the Grotesquery was in there with the man and went in there hoping he hadn't already freaked out.

Rasputin was well aware there was something gorey and bandaged beside him. He turned his head away from it and sat up before opening his eyes and sliding off the surgical table. He looked down at what he was wearing, wrinkled his nose and looked at the room. Looking back at the 'table' he found it had actually been a plank of wood on a bed. On the rest of the bed lay the disfigured thing in bandages. Apart from a few blood stains, it was a nice room. White and pink colour scheme, cream carpet, floral bedspread and walls...a pretty room used for gruesome purposes. The door opened and Ras prepared to attack. The man smiled. "Welcome back to reality. You're lucky you were brought to me when you were...actually, you're lucky you survived that late at all anyway."
"Where am I?"
"Ireland, specifics are something I won't give because I don't know. A friend's place. He's already getting sick of us using it as a base of operations. Before you ask anything, we know you're an elder from the...Czech Republic? Anyway, we know you've been replaced by the owner of this." He held up Bonifac's ring and smiled. "My sister and her friend brought you here to save your life. You'd best be thankful, but for now it's dangerous to return to your home. My sister at least will try her best to help you, but I'm afraid my friends and I have our own agendas." He gestured to the thing on the bed. "Feel free to explore, sir."
Rasputin shrugged and left the room.


He jammed the funny window latch as best he could as they exited through it, but it still opened fairly easily. His knee was of course still very difficult to walk on, and he had to lean on Madame Mist heavily for support. Once again, they were in clothes not their own to get as far as they could undetected. They made it pretty far with a pair of nice hats pulled low over their faces and limping to the Sanctuary. Once they were there, they changed into their robes and Ravel did his best to hurry to his friend's office, but Ghastly wasn't there. He went down to the hospital wing, but he wasn't there either. He paused to ask someone if they had seen the scarred elder but they said they hadn't. He went back to his friend's office, but he wasn't anywhere even though the 'something important' he had bled over and his phone were. He shouted out the question as to whether or not anyone had seen Ghastly at all since the previous night, but nobody could honestly say they had. Mist came to stand at his shoulder, resting a hand on his shoulder. Trying to comfort. He rested his own hand over hers. "Where do you think he's gone?"
"I don't think he's gone." She replied quietly. "I think he was taken."
"So do I..."

((Hey guys...this is what I do on heavy metal when I should be revising for exams...I think I can still get a B in Maths without the revision...I've never revised before and I can get As in Biology and Physics very easily...I'm that kind of annoying person...I have no social life, just smarts and sleep and creativity and internet. That's it. Who needs social life? I want to time skip to marry Ravel and Mist, but I've decided Ghastly can't die because he must become best man, so screw you, original plans...but first they need to find Ghastly and some other stuff needs to happen...oh, and Fabi, I haven't won the race, but I have named our knife man with the ponytail as I do...Rist is just about the only thing I still know where I'm going with...Rist and the thing with Vex, Mortis and Garnet...))


  1. Mortis Grievance, mustard ribbon, Wilbur... I love it! You've actually given me a pretty good idea of where I can maybe fit him. [Actually I have no idea whatsoever, except I presume he'll be threatening somebody with a knife]

    The dog was...random, but okay.

    Haha, I feel a bit sorry for Rasputin.

    Nice chapter, B-J, and good luck on your exams!

  2. Funny chapter!!!

    ... Although I have to wonder how did he know what Vex sings while he's in the shower!!!

    Great chapter B-J !!!
    Good luck in your exams!!!

  3. Fabi, I have an idea involving him threatening someone with a knife myself...this is a joint OC officially, right? Are you going to make some additions, like magic type, personality, whatever...? Also when you said his hair was in a ponytail, was that a long or short ponytail? Can he be in a relationship with a bald black guy named Jayden Slander?

    I found myself incapable of killing off Scaramouch Van Dreg...he is probably one of my favourites of Derek's characters now...and I just wasn't in a killing mood I guess...so I had to make the trained assassin/spy miss somehow and boom! Random dog was born.

    And in that case, more Rasputin torture...((and then he meets B-J and BOOM! Maleficent love interest 3))

    Mistical, totes ^^

    Well, it's obvious that Garnet and Mortis have targeted Vex for a kill in the past. They probably heard him singing while breaking in to kill him. FYI, Vex singing officially sounds like someone playing a poorly tuned violin with a cat being strangled.

    Both of you, many thanks ^^

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  4. Take two, not white-on-white.

    Yes, he is a shared character, and I can certainly make additions. It is a long ponytail.

    His given name is Phil Schnorhavorian, short for Phillipa because of an accident when he and his twin sister Phelan (dead, he doesn't miss her) were born. Phelan had short hair when she was alive. He planned on stabbing her with Wilbur and considered himself highly inconvenienced when she was eaten by a crocodile. He has had a grudge against crocodiles ever since, and likes to buy crocodile-skin clothing simply so he can stab it with Wilbur and throw it away.

    He is a tough person and clearly weird (he does name his knives and threaten people with them), so that much has already been decided. He is not a profound thinker, he's more of a stab-first-think-later kind of guy.

    While not trying to kill people, he plays a tuba named Lance, and is in a relationship with Jayden Slander. That works.

    Magic type... Umm.... I have no ideas, really.

    Oh, and he hates pink.

    You okay with all that?

  5. That's brilliant. The stab-first-think-later thing was exactly how I saw him when imagining him with Garnet and Jayden.

    Hmm...magic type...I see him with a dark kind of magic, like Necromancy or a CotS...or that really strong magic Mr Bliss has maybe...

  6. Hmm... Necromancy works. Is his magic stored in Wilbur, or something else?

  7. Personally I've grown to see him more as a CotS (not at all influenced by owning mainly necromancers or that I myself am a CotS or by the fact that when the time came to be bothered to imagine him as the others I had my maths exam) But I'd say yes, Wilbur. Wilbur is his favourite knife, it makes sense. Wilbur goes everywhere with him, he even sometimes sleeps with Wilbur next to him on the pillow. ((Thankfully he doesn't move much while he sleeps)), much to Jayden's annoyance. Also he wears one of those little eye mask things when he sleeps so Jayden can get up and go to the loo in the night. The wall between their bedrooms was recently knocked down in a fight, you see, and they're not far enough into their relationship to share a bed yet. Will Mortis be fazed by spiders at all? Because if he's a Necromancer I'll make Jayden a CotS.