Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zafira Kerias/Death Rose: (Zaf, can you please add a title?)

Before Part 1

Zafira sat with Javier. He was sleeping again. Deep down she knew she was screwed. Mevolent wanted her and she walked into the trap. It had been a while and she bet he was too afraid to even torture her. She could curse in Spanish. 
Death looked at Mevolent with excited eyes. "I can torture someone in the cells?" She repeated excitedly.
Zafira looked up at the sound of skipping. Who the hell skips in this place? It's like waiting to be condemed. Zafira sighed and cursed Mevolent quietly.

"A certain someone, third on the left."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She squealed and skipped away, her corset/ball room dress flying her feet.

"Mevolent es una hamburgesa grande con quesa." She growled. What else can happen?

She arrived at the cell to hear Spanish. Who spoke Spanish now days? Obviously people from Spain did, and Mexicans... Why didn't they speak Mexican? Much less confusing!
"From this moment on, Mexicans speak Mexican!" She announced proudly. "And Spain people speak Spanish! They are the same language!" She laughed at herself and looked into the cell. "Hello little Spanish one! Come with me!" Death unlocked the door and came face-to-face with the Grand Mage of America.

Zafira stood still unsure. When she saw Death her eyes widened in fear. 
"I thought you died! You are Serpine's brat." Zafira spat the part of who Death's father was. She despised Serpine. He was worthless in her mind. Figuring it was best not to annoy Death, Zafira went to Death but didn't raise a hand to fight. She could feel her magic return but what use was it to attack someone? Javier was still there. 
"And I am American smart one. I speak Spanish as a second language."

Death laughed. She didn't know! Well, she'd only been told a few days before but still, it was funny. "Pergi dr sini!" Death said in Indonesian. She grinned and cuffed Zaffy, "Come! Magey come! Quick! Follow me! Step out on the leaves of the water lily!" She laughed as she sang a modified version of Henry Lawson's poem, The Waterlily.

Zafira sighed as she felt the cuffs. So much for the feeling of magic. Death seemed like a child almost
"Are you okay?" She asked truly concerned for Death. She was ready for whatever torture she possibly could have. Death sorta scared her. Made Serpine normal.

"Me? I'm fine! I died about, maybe a week ago? Yeah, then I was slapped by a man who thought loved me, now I also got a new dad!" Death laughed. Zaf seemed worried... Ew... About her... Ew-er!
She walked Zaf the the torture room and grinned evilly. "Now, lets have some fun!" They waited in silence. "That was your cue!" She shouted at nothing in particular.

"Uhm Death its just you and I." Zafira told her. She now was really cocerned for Death. It seemed she was a tad touched in the head. Zafira waited paitently for whatever was coming her way. Seeing as Death was like a 6 year old it couldn't be much.

Death yelled. "I asked for a disco ball! I want a disco ball!" She turned to Zaf. "You know the drill! Hook yourself up!" She grinned again. This was going to be fun!

Zafira sighed and did what she was told. She looked at Death. That girl has issues. And Zafira hoped she didn't do too much damage.

Death fluttered her eyelids as Zaf chained herself. She really wasn't prepared for Zaf to listen to her, the power of controlling others was addictive; she more knew why Mevolent tortured people, it was fun to watch them suffer!
"Zaf, have you witnessed what my glaring power can do?" She grinned evilly and didn't wait for an answer. "You're going to find out in thirteen and a half seconds anyway!" She paused, "now it'd be nine seconds something... How am I supposed to be specific if I when I take too long to figure out what time it is? I need a stopwatch," she made a mental note of buying a stopwatch and glared hatefully at Zaf.

Zafira screamed when Death glared at her. It really wasn't pretty what she could do. She had seen the crater and Zafira could give sympathy to the floor. A lot of sympathy. 

Death grinned as her friend- old friend, screamed. It kind of hurt her ears so she intensified her glare. The pitch grew louder, then louder then stopped.
She tilted get head to the side thinking that would be very hard to do with the onslaught she was under.
"Zaffy?" She said brightly. There was no answer, not even a change in her even breathing. "Here come the shrinks!" She sang to the wedding march.

Zafira felt as if every part of her would explode. She looked at Death and didn't utter a word. She was tempted to curse but she couldn't find the strength to.

Death had no intention of leaving Zafria alone in this room. She walked backwards to the door, her fingers spread behind her to find the handle. The adept opened the door and shouted at whoever was walking past at that moment to get the Sense Wardens. "Why'd I do that for you Death?" Kane Slit asked.
She groaned. "Because, I well pommel you to the ground if you refuse, again."
"I'm not scared of you," he sounded like he was smirking.
She turned her head a little so she could glare at the rock under his foot. He stumbled then started running away, hopeful to get the Wardens...
Death looked back at Zaf, then at her hand. "Here comes the shrinks! All dressed in red! Then they're going to poke around in Zafira's head!" She laughed evilly as four Sense Wardens appeared inside the room.

Zafira rolled her eyes at Death. The girl was like a baby. Or well oversized toddler. The latter was more true. The Sense Wardens were people who Zafira hated. She glared at them.
"Get away from me!" She spat finding some courage and stength to speak. Deep down she knew how screwed she was, which was very.

Death laughed as Zaf started struggling. She was so weak, this necromancer... So powerless! She looked at the Sense Wardens as they did their thing. It was funny, chanting and moving of hands and them Zaf went still.
"Grand Mage?" She asked experimentally, biting her lip as she put Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade on the little stereo in the corner of the room.

Zafira felt the pain of Sense Wardens. It hurt and Zafira wanted to curl up and die. Right here. Unless. 
"Death..." She managed. "I'll join Mevolent."

Death stopped doing her stupid little dance and stared at Zaf. Was she serious or was this some cruel joke?
She blinked a few times as she tried to come up with a coherent thought. "You will?" The words sounded strangled.

"Yes." Zafira told Death. "I'll join him." Zafira still souded in pain. She hoped to God this worked. If it didn't she'd be mad beyond anything.

"Why would you? He killed your child! Your unborn child!" Death didn't believe a word of what she was saying. She was Grand Mage! She was a good lier! Grand Mages had to be!

"Because it's obvious what he wants and at this point I have nothing much left to lose." She told Death simply. She looked dead serious. Now one thing she kept hidden was what she intended to do if she was allowed to join.

Death actually took a step back in surprise. Was she serious? "Uh... Um... Okay... I'll... Uh, go talk to the boss... See what he thinks... Get him to talk..."
She ran out of the room, a dead sprint, looking for Mevolent get his opinion.

Zafira laughed as Death ran. She seemed to be in shock. Excellent. Zafira waited pairently for Death to return.

"M-m'Lord," Death struggled as she tried to create a decent sentence to Mevolent. "Grand- uh, I mean Zafria Kerias, she uh... Wants to join... uh... Our side... I came to, uh, get your, um... Opinion on that."
There was a sigh from above her bowed head. "I will see to it later," he murmured. "Be sure to put Miss Kerias back in her cell."
"Of course!" She said and sprinted back to the torture chamber.

Zafira watched Death enter again
"Well?" She asked Death. She had doubts as Mevolent must still distrust her. She didnt mind the mistrust. Yet.

"Uh..." Death said uneasily. Did she take her back to her cell now? She shrugged, "come." She really hoped that Zaf didn't realize that she'd avoided her question! If she did... She decided not to think about it.
She gestured to the Grand Mage to follow her out and walked back to the Holding Cells.

Zafira sighed ad followed Death. When she reached the cells she slipped inside beside Javier. She didn't look at Death. If Mevolent wanted her he'd call. She didn't feel good though. 


  1. Excellent to see the two of you collaborate, nice contrasting personalities!

  2. Awesome chapter both of you!!!

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  4. Zafria Kerias, I don't care if you are the Grand Mage- if you join Mevolent of your own free will, I will find you and I will kill you. And next time I'll be sure to finish the job. *glares intensely*

    If you're faking, though, (I very much hope you are...) then that's very clever of you. Just try not to get caught.

  5. Oh! I was so busy threatening you that I forgot to say 'great chapter'...

    Great Chapter, both of you! Death can be evil when she wants to be. :)