Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Meeting a Sense Warden

Zafira wandered the castle unsure what to do. The generals had ordered anyone fighting to keep safe. Zafira and Javier were still considered prisoners. Mevolent was watching them she was sure. He would want to know if his newest followers were loyal. The room where Zafira found herself had three people dressed in white with their faces hidden. Sense Wardens. Zafira turned to go to a different room,
"No, Grand Mage." One said, a female, "You haven't interrupted us. " Zafira turned to face them,
"I'm sorry I don't entirely know where I'm going." She explained to them. The same person spoke again,
"Don't be afraid. To the prisoners yes they are scared but to anyone else in the castle you have nothing to fear. Mevolent will order us to probe minds so you won't have to worry." Zafira smiled slightly,
"Thank you. It's comforting to know that. I must go by Javier now. Wedding to plan and stuff." She bowed politely and left to go to Javier. When she reached the door to their room Javier was already hugging her. He didn't utter a word but took her inside.
"Zaf we might be allowed out." He murmured. Zafira smiled at the thought,
"But Mevolent won't will he?"
"He plans to I know for a fact and maybe if we persuade him to let us go to the States for our wedding we'd be home." Zafira grinned,
"I'll arrange that!" She laughed and went to find Mevolent. When she got to the throne room she found herself watching Mevolent die. She stood in respectful silence as the Redhoods killed him. She had seen this once before and it still scared her. When Mevolent rose from the pool of black he noticed Zafira. He went over to her,
"Afraid still?" He asked noting the look of terror on her face. She nodded slowly.
"Sir, Javier and I....we're engaged and we really want to go to the States to be married." She explained. "I know we need permission to leave." She kept her gaze down. Mevolent stayed quiet for a moment,
"Fine, Zafira. I will allow you and him to return to America but I wish for you to continue life as if you did not join me. When the wedding is done I want you back here in Ireland." He told her. "And the Faceless Ones be with you if I hear you told of our plans." Zafira bowed,
"Of course. Thank you sir." She left the throne room and went to Javier. He grinned and hugged her tightly.
"Can we go home to New York?" He asked and she nodded. He kissed her and then the two left the castle for the journey home. There is a wedding to plan after all.


  1. Ooh, a wedding! How exciting!

  2. Well well well... *contemplates* this should be interesting...

  3. Oooooh YAY A WEDDING!!!

    I wonder how it'll go!!!