Monday, February 11, 2013

Mistical Future: Fun with Vampires!

Mistical was walking through the corridors in Mevolent's castle, she had come back from the Sanctuary and telling Ghastly that she was against Mevolent. Unfortunately she couldn't give Ghastly any information because she had found out about as much as he had about Mevolent's plans.   But that was a days ago. 'Sam has escaped with all of the other prisoners, that was good, it was great now there is no kneed for me to worry about him being tortured! ... Although I hope he didn't go back to the house, someone put hidden cameras around our house for Mevolent. It's obvious Mevolent doesn't trust me. Oh well he won't find me slipping up around his cameras! And he he thinks I don't know there there! Ha what a fool he is!' Thought Mistical, 'But I have managed to impress him with the plan I gave him, it was completely inhuman but he liked it' Mistical humfed 'Who woulda thought' Mistical though sarcastically 'Well I'm climbing the ladder fast'. Mistical had a flash back to when she talked to Ghastly.
"The higher your spy is the better" said Mistical
"But the higher you are the further you'll fall!" said Ghastly
"I'm not afraid of highs" replied Mistical. Then her flash back finished.
Just then Lord Vile walked into the hall. Mistical froze solid and stared at him. 'Crap, crap, crap! This is not good not good at all' thought Mistical as a chill of fear went down her spine. Lord Vile was a few feet away when Mistical forced her muscles to move which was hard because they had changed from stiff to supper tense. She forced her self not to look at him. She felt the chill of his armour as she passed him, amazingly she looked a lot calmer than she was, and while she was walking everyone else was scrambling to get out of his way or move off into another corridor. 
Further down another corridor where some physics, Mistical could tell because they wore a clock with a hood. So Mistical thought of killing people, then her train of thoughts switched to Lord Vile killing people, then it switched to her trying to take down Lord Vile ... 'Hmmmm actually that could be fun' thought Mistical. Mistical the. Started singing 'Dumb ways to Die' but with 'Fun' instead of 'Dumb' in her mixed Australian and American accent. The physics ended up looking at her weirdly but she didn't care, 'I hope they get the tune in their head' thought Mistical. She smiled at her own joke and kept singing.


About ten minutes latter Mistical hear a large group heading towards the castle, Mistical frowned under her mask 'that's odd I can't hear heart beats ... And they move to quietly to be zombies' she thought. Some sorcerers walked past Mistical.
"Sound the alarm I think there is a large number of vampires heading towards the castle! Warn everyone that you see and try not to get killed" Mistical said calmly, "Good luck!"
"Where are you going?" Asked a sorcerer that appeared to have started panicking. 
"To kill some vampires" said Mistical with a smile.
Mistical jogged off down the corridor warning everyone she saw. 'This is great! The one of the few creatures that I don't have to hold back on' thought Mistical as she pulled her sword out of her belt. The first wave of vampires was coming through the hall Mistical braced herself and when the wave got close enough she attacked. She danced through the wave of vampires slashing off limbs, heads and stabbing torsos ... Although it didn't kill them but it hurt! And that was good enough! She dogged fangs, claws and whatever else they where trying to throw at her. Mistical narrowly missed a desk that was flung at her, although the sorcerer behind her wasn't that lucky. Mistical kept advancing and realised her mistake, now she was completely surrounded by vampires!
"Crap" she muttered the vampires slashed at her and she narrowly avoided them and it was getting more difficult as the vampires started to figure out her patten. Mistical flipped over the vampires, flipped and kicked off the walls. She stuck her sword into the opposite wall and landed on it. She was now perched above the vampires heads. They tried to get her but she would kick them away, not the best way to deal withe vampires but it didn't fail! The other sorcerers where trying to push them back but without success. Mistical jumped down and landed between the vampires. She did a low kick that swept in a wide circle and as she did she had her sword out. Mistical knocked over a bunch of vampires which then got chopped in half thanks to her sword. Mistical then just moved as a beam of light shot through the crowd of vampires and fried a heap. Mistical fought her way back to the other sorcerers and dogged another beam.
"Hey watch it I'm chopping hear!" Mistical yelled at the sorcerer who shot the beam.
"We'll stay out of my line of fire then!" The tall blond male sorcerer called back
"Me! There are plenty of places that you could fire without getting me or other mages hurt!" Mistical called back as she slashed some vampires.

To be continued! M


  1. LOL the 'M' at the end was was a mistake but it just looks like I signed it of! Ha how good am I!

  2. Oh good, you're back.

    Whoa, Mistical is good with vampires.

    Vampires! [Runs in terror]

    1. Her attacks are more agility baced so she can dogged and attack

  3. Yay! Mistical kills vampires! Fun chapter. And I love the song 'Dumb Ways to Die'!