Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aretha Tesla: Impossibilities

After he had killed Ren and stolen his true name, Niccolo left his body to be torn apart by local pigeons. They weren't natural scavengers, but with barely any influence, they would be. He doubted there would be enough left of the body to identify it. Maybe Ian would still be able to... It wouldn't much matter either way.

The breif trip back to killing and torturing had been unbelievably fun- refreshing was definitely a word he would use. But he hadn't been as brutal that time as he usually was. And this time, he felt a small nagging sensation... Not guilt,  because he didn't regret what he had done. He had enjoyed it, and felt no shame in admitting that.

It was just this was the first time he had done that since he met Aretha, and it only reminded him more that he was the epitome of everything she had dedicated her life to fighting against. Croatoan had no doubt that if she had been there, she would've done anything to make him stop... And under normal circumstances, he probably would've let his victim off, just for her.

But this time he was worried about putting her life in danger- and if she did die, he wasn't going to trust anyone to bring her back. Rule number one: if you want something done right, do it yourself. So he did. The only problem with stealing Ren's power now was the inconvinience and possible danger to Niccolo himself... But in all honesty, he valued Aretha's safety above his own. And he never even imagined that would be possible for him... Was he possibly becoming... More human?


I woke up on the same cold floor; I hadn't moved an inch in my sleep. I hadn't drempt about anything, either. Since the night before I came to Death, my dreams had just stopped coming. I used to be so fond of dreams, and my imagination- not so much anymore. What good were they? What good was I?

The whole world was probably spreading rumors about the American assasin who went rogue, and imprsoned and attacked the Grand Mage. I wonder if they know I killed my family. I never went to their funeral, either. It's probably too late now, anyway.

At least now I was locked up- that meant I couldn't hurt anyone. If Niccolo was still around, he probably could've killed Mevolent for me, and I'd be freed... But it was too late for that, too. Now that I thought about it, I wondered why he hadn't killed Mevolent to begin with... Probably because of all the attention that would attract. Oh well, it's not as though any of that mattered now...

"Aretha, darling," A smooth, dark, familiar voice whispered to me through the bars of the cell, and I let out a small gasp. That was impossible... "I'm back."


  1. Random thoughts:
    Niccolo vs. Mevolent, that's be fun to see. Also, I don't think Croatoan would win, no offense. Croatoan is more brutal, but Mevolent's craftier... I sound like Annabeth Chase. Anyway, I'd be really surprised if he didn't know about Niccolo's powers and have some way of defending himself.

    I don't think I like Niccolo. I mean, I appreciate him as a character, but I keep trying to think of ways one of my characters could kill him... Probably self-defense instinct.

    Then again, I am starting to get used to the idea of him and Aretha...

    As has been pointed out billions of times, you have a lot of rule number ones. Whatever.

    If Niccolo killed Mevolent right away, that would have been boring!

    1. I was so busy elaborating I forgot to say 'Nice Chapter!'

      Nice chapter!

    2. First off- thanks! I love lengthy comments- they give me more to work off of!

      Niccolo vs Mevolent would be quite interesting, I agree- I'm not sure how that would end, to be honest, but I feel like if he lost it would be because of his arrogance. He always assumes he'll have no trouble overpowering a target, mostly because he hasn't in centuries. But I feel like he would underestimate Mevolent and loose because of that. But Croatoan is more clever than he lets on... This will hopefully come out in my next few chapters.
      However, the chances are redciculously slim that we will get to see this happen- as I revealed in Niccolo's chapter, Names, Mevolent knows his true name. That's the main reason why he's avoided Mevolent so far. I mean, power like his would be incredibly tempting to steal.
      I don't actually know if I ship him and Aretha yet... It's a bit weird for me to think about, because it basically comes down to whether or not I ship him with myself... I guess I kind of do, but I dunno. We'll see. It's likely that if I do start shipping them, they'll both be doomed- so maybe it's best for my readers if I don't. Which makes it that much more tempting...
      The whole point of Rule number one is that it changes all the time depending on your situation.
      Thanks again! (wow, this was long... Sorry...)