Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sapphire Iota- An Annoying New Friend

Sapphire’s vision was darkening, swimming, her body going numb. Some small part of her was telling her to fight it, to stay conscious, but Sapphire was just so tired…

Through her blurry vision, she could see two other people. One was a young boy, and even with her vision fuzzy she could see the malice in his eyes and the smirk on his face.
The other person was a girl, about Sapphire’s age she thought. It was hard to guess.

They were talking, voices saying something, and Sapphire tried to speak but her mind was a whirlpool of darkness, sucking her into unconsciousness.

Freezing air. She was lying on something slimy and mossy. And someone was poking her.

Saph leapt up with a growl, almost falling back down when the pain from her shoulder struck.

A boy yelped and flung himself backwards, his back thudding against the wall.

She stared.

He stared.

She stared.

He stared.

She sighed. “Is this a staring competition?”

He kept staring.

Sapphire rolled her eyes.

He slowly took a step forward, and when she didn’t kill him, he poked her.

She grabbed his arm and flipped him over her uninjured shoulder.
The boy smacked into the ground hard with a surprised look on his face. He cried out as his head bashed against the floor.

“Poking is not allowed,” Sapphire ordered. “Neither is killing me. Telling me your name and where we are, however, would be much appreciated.”

He glared and pushed up, throwing her off him.
Sapphire stumbled back and hit the wall. This cell was tiny. For the first time, she noticed that her damaged shoulder had been bandaged.

The boy rubbed his arm. “You didn’t have to do that,” he grumbled. “My name’s Gustav. As for where you are, I thought only half-wits wouldn’t be able to work that out.”

Sapphire glanced up. “Obviously half-wits could work it out, seeing as you know. But I’ve nearly died. My mind is just a little fuzzy,” she replied sarcastically.

Gustav rolled his eyes. “Well, I got captured by Serpine, and I saw him get some girl to bandage your shoulder, so I’m assuming this is his HQ. And by the way, there’s a reason Gustav and gifted start with the same letter.”

“They do,” Sapphire agreed. “And ugly starts with u.”

He scowled, obviously irritated. “I introduced myself. Are you too high and mighty to tell me your


“I’m Sapphire Iota. My friends call me Saph.”

Gustav grinned. “Can I call you Saph?”

The corners of her mouth tilted up slightly. “Depends. Are you a friend?”

He tilted his head and smiled. “Depends.  Are you a friend?”

She smiled now, a proper smile that reached her blue eyes. “So long as you don’t poke me again.”

Gustav laughed and held out his hand. “Deal.”


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    1. Yay. I am locked in a cell with an annoying boy... Oh joy.

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    1. *Laughs*
      You want me to glare at you? You'll die!
      *Puts on glasses that have glaring eyes on them*

    2. *Pokes glasses until they crack*
      *steals your fedora and runs for my life*

    3. *Glares at Sapphy*
      *Steals fedora back and hides it*

  3. Nice, Saph! You made a friend! :P

    But really, I like it. :)


    Great chapter though :)

    1. Ah.. yeah... sorry about that. But he insulted me. And he POKED me *growls*
      But thank you :)

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  6. That was awesome. Made me laugh. :)

    . . . I'm slowly commenting more and more on these posts . . .


    Estrangelo Edessa is my font I always use. :) Coz it's awesome.

  7. Thank you :) I try to put some humour in.
    I have no idea what font it is. I wrote it on word and copied and pasted.
    Are you going to write a chapter soon? I hope you do :)