Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cadence Nightwish: Failure In D Minor

A wall of air sent Cadence flying backwards. She scrambled up and shadow-walked away before the next attack could hit. As she left, she heard the Cleavers being called and cursed under her breath, turned and shadow-walked back. She was behind them now as all three elders got to their feet. She weighed up her options and decided there was no way she would beat them in a fair fight. Defeating Vex had been luck of the draw, and debatably not really a fair fight. She stayed in the shadows, watching them speak and move to leave. When none of them were looking at her, she took aim and threw one heel at Mist's head. That took one out as she used the other to shadow-walk, but she couldn't go very far. As she went, she took out her phone, hoping to call for back-up. She had friends she could call, right?

Boss Spider
Jasmin <3
Mrs Brown

Well, she thought, My contacts list sucks. She had to calm down and think about who the best person to call was. Arachne might be able to get her out of a fix. Mevolent trusted her, she could get Austin out of his cell. Jasmin was in France, counting on her. How quickly could he get over to help her? Surely not fast enough. Mrs Brown was just a mortal woman who sometimes asked her to mind her cats. Belinda was gone, she might have been still alive, but that wasn't even her phone number anymore. That left her with the ex who hated her last she'd checked and stuck-up, self-centred Lilia. She was screwed. She went to text Arachne, but a text arrived from that moment from a number she didn't have registered.

Took me a while to get this number. Don't trust Arachne. She's been using us. Gale.

"Oh hell!"


Gale shivered. It was cold down here. He was getting into this spy stuff, informing B-J of things he could get his hands on, but he'd run out of information to give and was just taking a moment to relax now. He needed a bit of relaxation.
"Hi Gale." He spun to see Arachne standing there, a man stood behind her with a malicious grin. he was of Asian descent but had grown up in Ireland. He recognised the man, they had fought before and sworn vengeance on one another. Gale had sworn it once more since when he found out this man had dated one of his sisters. His name was Jerry Vehemence. Vehemence linked arms with Arachne and his grin widened while she tried to pretend she hadn't noticed him behind her.
"Blaze. Long time no see." He reached towards his belt. "My girl thinks you might cause us a bit of trouble." He pulled a knife and put it to a rather confused-looking Arachne's throat.
"No need to act." Gale scolded. "I know she's on your side."
Their faces turned into a pair of dark frowns. "Well then, isn't that a shame? Looks like we might have to kill you." He began polishing the blades. He wasn't actually going to do anything by the looks of it. Gale tensed up, not willing to give Vehemence the benefit of the doubt. This man was a serial killer.
"Jerry, in case you've forgotten, I've beaten you up before. I can beat your butt again."
"Nobody won that fight!"
"Or did nobody lose? Either way, I think we agreed one of us would end up dead the next time we clashed swords."
Vehemence drew his other knife. "I think you've remembered well, Blaze." They began to advance on each other. "Arachne! Leave us! This is personal and I want a minimum of interference."


Charles had just received a message from the sensitive he had paid before. It had given directions from where they were now, back at their hotel room, to a place where she insisted they take the prisoners once they had liberated them. It was a clearing in a forest which Luna insisted would be safer. Charles asked if she was looking for payment, but apparently one of her friends was one of the prisoners and she wanted them free. He was a bit unsure about it when he took his sister to look at the space in question. There was nothing special about it, not really. It was just an ordinary clearing.


  1. Cool!!!
    What's going to happen next?

  2. Very nice... The contacts list was pretty amusing. And I do wonder how all of this will end...
    Also, I have to wonder about whether or not shoes were the best choice for an object of power- she seems to always loose them somehow.

    1. I'd say heeled shoes would be terrible objects of power, but if she loses one accidentally, she has a back-up...I'm not sure if she owns sensible shoes to just walk in though...

      ...So far she has only lost them due to her own poor judgement of choice though...

      And yes! Amusingness attempt succeeded!