Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shai and Fabzilla: Siren's Revenge

     Siren watched as Duchess Sinistra's figurine turned its head forward again. Fine then. Siren had given her a chance, but if she wasn't going to take it... In one swift motion, she slashed the doll's left arm off. It was followed by the other, then both legs. Siren paused a moment, looking thoughtful, then chopped off the head, too. Her little face broke out into a grin. Mevolent would be sorry. If she could just get a statue of him... All the way in Ireland, Duchess Sinistra's last scream faded away.


     The first note had appeared in Arsenic's pocket three days before. 'Watch Your Back,' it had said.
     Arsenic had thought it little more than a practical joke by some kid, then he realized exactly which kid it was. Siren Cacophony. Did she still hate him? Of course she hated him, he'd permanently scarred her forehead and made her unable to speak. She would have no way of knowing that he was starting to regret things like that.
     The next note showed up when Arsenic was alone, either probing that Siren was the culprit or that Arsenic was insane. Most likely both. It said "I was there when you raised her." Arsenic guessed that 'her' was Duchess Sinistra, the only important sorceress he had awoken. 
     The rest had been various criminals who had died hating the Sanctuary. They had turned out to be a worthless lot, having changes of heart their first or second day. Arsenic thought he knew where their sudden and short-lived new 'Imagine Whirled Peas' type attitudes had come from, but Mevolent wouldn't have cared. He'd enjoyed destroying them all. The thought made Arsenic rather sick, but not as sick as what he had just seen.
     Duchess Sinistra had been striking down the kitchen staff like flies. Arsenic had been considering whether or not to interfere, when he felt a note in his pocket. Like the rest of them, it was just there. "Are you watching, Arsenic? Then see your creation fall!" He'd just had time to read it and stubbornly deny creating Sinistra, when the arm her grace had been using to punch the third-assistant-potato-peeler suddenly went limp. It was followed almost immediately by the other. 
     "WHAT IS GOING ON?" Duchess Sinistra shrieked, her usually perfect face breaking out in a red blotch.
     Arsenic looked at her, his face expressionless, but his mind working at a million miles per hour. He knew exactly what was happening.
      "Young man! Answer me!" Sinistra started towards him, and her hand, even hanging limp, was as hard as iron. She twisted her entire body to fling the useless arm, still dangling from her shoulder, straight at Arsenic's head.

*Cue Beetoven's Fifth Symphony*

     A few feet before she reached him, Sinistra's legs gave out and her famous iron fist clattered onto Arsenic's left foot. He howled in pain, and heard the crack of broken toes.
     Sinistra writhed around on the floor for another second, then her neck snapped and she died.


  1. Siren is actually freaking me out now.

    Great writing!

  2. How.... Pleasant...
    Evil little eight year old child...

    Awesome job though! :D

  3. Written while Shai was in a very dark mood.

  4. *Hides*
    Siren!!!!!! God! Don't find me!!!!

  5. Oh god I hope she has no grudge against me!!!!

    Scary little girl!!!! X 100000

    Great chapter!!! Creepy thought!

  6. Oh, believe me, I LIKE this chapter.

    It's like upgraded Voodoo doll magic.