Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gustav Halt: Ankle

Gustav limped along the trail. His ankle still hurt from when he had twisted it, and walking wasn't helping. Saph and Alex were trailing a little behind. Gustav smiled. Maybe that guy wasn't so bad after all.
"Jubi, how's Persephone doing?" he asked.
"I haven't seen her for a while. When I got my current job, they said she was busy with a job. Don't know what it is." The walked in silence for a few minutes, before Gustav's ankle insisted on another question.
"Hey Jubi, how much longer is it?" Jubi glanced back.
"Not that long, maybe ten minutes-" She was cut off by a snarl as one of the creatures from before leapt out of the trees. It landed on Saph, knocking her to the ground. Gustav turned to help her, but Alex was already there, yanking it off with a feral snarl on his face and throwing a fireball straight into its chest. It toppled backwards, but more leapt out of the bushes. They slammed into Gustav, howling like wolves. Jubi was focusing her power on the creatures, and a few of them started shaking. They collapsed, making whining, yipping noises.
Alex and Saph were standing back to back, pushing at the air and throwing fireballs like crazy. Gustav grabbed a few rocks and hurled them at the creatures. He pushed at the air to build up the momentum, and the rocks smashed through one of the creatures, pulverizing it instantly.
One creature slashed at his arm, shredding his sleeve. Blood spattered across the ground, and as the creatures smelt it, they turned as one and slunk towards Gustav.
"Gustav, look out!" Saph yelled.
"I see them!" He shoved at the air, but more creatures kept coming. A few stopped as Saph formed blocks in their mind, but they sorcerers were outnumbered. Gustav's ankle collapsed beneath him, and he crumpled to the ground. The creatures took the chance and pounced, one grabbing him by the arm and dragging him into the thicket.
"Get out of here. I'll be okay!" he managed to say, before he blacked out.


  1. Wow! Great writing :) Sorry about adding in my bit, I saw the draft and just had to write some. No! Gustav! *Curses self for not saving him, even though there was nothing I could do...*
    I just realised that if Sev found us, she could get quite mad... Nice chapter :) Write again soon!

    1. I'm sort of worried about their reunion scene, so I might just kill him off.....

    2. Oh yeah. Saph, I don't think that you're supposed to read other peoples' drafts in the first place...

    3. I'm rally sorry, I won't do it again.