Friday, January 25, 2013

Erasmus Hale: Miranda

Erasmus lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. His entire house sounded like a drum while it was raining. Every few minutes, a drop of water would fall on his face. He knew he should fix the roof, or at least move out of the way, but the rhythm of rain had lulled him into a trance.
Ring! Ring!
Erasmus sighed, and swung his feet on to the ground. He crossed the room and picked up his phone.
"Hello?" he asked.
"Hey, Ras. It's me," Erasmus smiled, it was Miranda. Or as she had chosen to be called, Persephone. "Listen, I need your help. My brother's unconscious, and my friend is hurt. We're on the road outside of your house."
"I'll be ready in five minutes." Erasmus put the phone down and frowned. His only friend, and she  only called when she needed his help. He took out his supplies and laid them out on the table. He washed his hands, and made sure all his tools were sterilized. Miranda-no, Persephone- hadn't told him what the injuries were, so he needed to have everything ready.
Exactly five minutes later, a knock came on his door. Erasmus opened it to find Persephone standing there. She was holding Gustav with one arm. Behind her stood a woman and a man that Erasmus had never seen before.
"Ras, he's got broken ribs, and a head injury. I'm not the healer, so I don't know."
"No, but he's got a few injuries. He's got a big cut on his arm. This is Adamantha, and that's Arsenic. He's your patient." Erasmus frowned at Arsenic.
"You look like you have a concussion. What are you doing walking around? Go sit down right now." Erasmus steadied the man as he dizzily staggered to the chair. He got an ice pack out of the fridge and handed it to Adamantha. "Hold this against his head injury."
Erasmus pressed his fingers firmly against Arsenic's side, noting when he winced or gasped.
"You definitely have a couple of broken ribs, though this one is just bruised. Take deep breaths," Erasmus grabbed some more ice and pressed it against Arsenic's side. "And stay still."
Arsenic struggled to breathe. Erasmus ground up a few herbs from his garden and mixed them with water. He dipped a clean cloth in the mixture, then held it against Arsenic's head. The rest he poured down Arsenic's throat.
"M-Persephone, help me carry him over to the cot." Persephone and Erasmus hoisted Arsenic across the room and onto the small cot in the corner. The potion had started to work, and Arsenic closed his eyes sleepily. Erasmus turned to Adamantha. "Keep an eye on him. He should be okay, but check his breathing and his pulse every few minutes. Now I'll check on Gustav."


  1. Poor Arsenic! :O Amazayn, can't wait to see what happens next! :)

  2. I officially approve of your use of my characters.
    Usually Mantha wouldn't be half so quiet, but considering the circumstances, it's completely understandable.
    [Stamps with official seal of approval]
    Excellent job, Sev!

    1. I wasn't totally sure, but I figured since he's so injured...

  3. I feel kind of bad for Erasmus... Anyway, great chapter! All of it was awesome, but for some reason I really love the part about the rain in particular. Keep it up!