Friday, January 25, 2013

Death Rose/Aretha Tesla: Gossip and Nail Polish

So there I was, sitting on a bed in Death's room. I walked there because Mevolent wanted me to. God only knows why he wanted that. Of course, from the moment I had showed my face at the door I was bombarded with hugs and questions. They quickly figured out my problem with the binding symbol- in fact, it seemed like it was obvious immediately to everyone but me. Oh well. And she wanted me to talk to her. 'Not Mevolent controlled Aretha, my friend Aretha Tesla'. Too late for that. But she wasn't going to take silence for an answer- apparently she'd have to learn the hard way.

Death searched the whole castle for nail polish and failed in locating some. She told someone to go out and buy some as she walked back to her room. Aretha and Ian were supposed to be getting along but when she walked in she was surprised to see Ian in the furthest corner of the room away from Aretha.
"What the hell are you guys doing?" She asked with a smirk.
Ian was the one who answered. "He thoughts are killing me! She is flippin' insane!"
Death laughed. "Aretha? Insane? She is a friend of mine, she's-" she paused. "Okay, she's a bit insane."
Aretha looked up and spoke. "I'm sorry."
Death raised an eyebrow. Did she mean she's sorry for being insane or...?
I scared Ian into the farthest corner of the room, away from me. I wasn't surprised. My mind was certianly not a pleasant thing to be near. Death came back in, and the two started talking. It's true I had always been insane- but this was at a whole new level, and she just wasn't getting the picture. Finally I looked up and began to speak, my hollow voice still sounding alien to my own ears.
"I'm sorry," I paused for a moment, then continued, "But you don't know me anymore. I don't exist anymore. I'm a hollow puppet. That's all I'll ever be. Life will be a lot easier for everyone involved if you accept that and just leave me. I won't be hurt by it if you do."
I nodded towards Ian. "Look what I've already done to him. Worse will happen to both of you if you stick around me, I'm certain. But this is the only warning I'll give you, because if I'm honest I stopped caring a while ago." I finished, looking Death straight in the eyes so she could look into mine and see how empty they were. So she'd know what I was saying was true.
Aretha's eyes were dull. Any sane person would have believed her and left her, but Death was far from sane. She walked over to her friend and have her a big hug.
"Ian gets like that," she lied smoothly. "Everyone does. I don't care if you turn into the Hulk, though that'd be really cool, you're still my friend. We are here for you and we will help you through what Mevolent has done to you." Death smiled. "Ian has a friend, Ren Clairvoyant, he could probably help you. Ian will call him. We can help."
Aretha just looked at her. "I doubt it and warned you. If Mevolent wants me to kill you, I will. I'll have to."
Death looked at her with a soft smile. "I know, and I'll forgive you. What are friend's for?" She looked at Ian. 'Can you call him from here?'
He lifted his head and nodded. 'Yes, I'm getting him now.'
She smiled. 'Thanks! What would I do without you?'
'Maybe you'd break your tailbone little monkey.'
I sighed, because she wasn't going to listen. Well, Death was many things, but sane wasn't one of them. I suppose I should've expected as much from her. I looked from her to Ian, and back again. It was obvious they were speaking in each others' minds, and obvious they were enjoying each other.
"I should leave now," I said flatly, but didn't move. My eyes flicked to Ian's again. He certainly seemed terriffied of me. Whatever. Unable to leave the room, I closed my eyes and let myself sink off the edge of the bed to the floor. That was just easier. And somehow being physically beneath everyone else, with my head resting on cold ground, felt right. I didn't have to say anything. I could just lay there until Death finally got the idea and left me alone.
Death sighed as she looked at Aretha on lying on the floor. She looked exhausted so she grabbed a pillow from her bed and put it under her head. She walked to the closet and pulled out a down blanket. She threw it over Aretha's lithe body and gestured to Ian to follow her out.
"Is he coming?" She asked desperately. She needed her old friend back, her wonderful funny friend. It tore her apart to see Ari like that.
"He is, but he has never really enjoyed going out and coming to my aid."
"Tell him I say thanks!"
Ian paused for a moment. "He says that he hates you."
"Tell him I love him." Death smiled widely.
"He says you're a psychopath and he is going to take your soul." Ian laughed.
"Yeah, yeah, and you're going to protect me!"
They started walking down the corridor but stopped when they heard a strange noise coming from their room. They looked at each other and quietly walked to the door.
While Death and Ian were gone, I dragged myself off the floor and over to the dresser- knocking a few things over in the process- and crawled into a drawer, layering clothes tightly on top of myself and making sure I was completely stuck inside the tangled mess.
There- I could suffocate. But apparently Mevolent didn't want that, so no sooner had I closed the drawer in on myself than I started rolling, utilizing what limited movement I had to press against the wood and open it up. I guess I should have known better. At least this time I was beyond feeling pain that my attempt would probably fail. But, then again, I still wasn't out yet, and I started to feel myself straining for air...
Death burst through the door, her eyes on the edge of a glare. Ian came through beside her and scanned the room. Nothing. Not even Ari...
Death spun quickly and saw the tall dresser moving. She sprinted to it and yanked the bottom draw open.
Aretha was inside, trapped in a maze of claustrophobic clothes, her face turning a light shade of blue. She gabbed her friend under the arms and started yanking her as Ian grabbed her waist and tugged her out too.
"Holy crap Ari!" She shouted. "What the hell did you want to accomplish by that?! Killing yourself?! You can't Ari! If you do," her voice broke and tears started to swim in her eyes, "I wouldn't be able to live with myself." Her lips started to tremble and she turned away, embarrassed of showing weakness in front of her friend. "Ian, put her on my bed. I'll sleep in the air tonight." Her breath started to rattle in her chest as she pulled the blanket back from her bed so Ian could place her in.
"Death, how are you going to sleep in the air?" He asked as he placed Aretha down gently on the soft mattress. "You could sleep in my bed and I could sleep on the floor." He suggested.
"I have always been able to and that is your bed, not mine," she murmured then looked at Ari. "Don't get out of there. If you do, I'll get angry and no one wants that." Her wet eyes started to overflow and fat tears started to roll down her face. She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. "What has he done to her?" She asked herself despratley.


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    1. *Slaps Ari*
      *Scratches tip of nose*
      I have no idea why, but my nose is really itchy...

      *Falls down*
      I can't have that... I am a strong person...

    2. Caring for your friends is not weakness. Neither are tears. Crying is just a release of emotions- it's good, because it means that no matter how bad you're feeling, at least you can still feel.
      You're a much stronger person than I am right now.

  2. Ari... Don't you dare. Nononono. *waggles finger* Baaaad. Baaaaaaaad Ari.

  3. Yay!! That was actually really good reading it together!!!

  4. "Worse will happen to both of you if you stick around, I'm certain."
    And now look what's happened to Death- all of a sudden, this chapter seems so foreboding...