Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aretha Tesla: Promises

It was night when I finally reached my house. And not my little reaserch cabin in the woods; the home I grew up in, where my family lived. Where my happiness had lived. Until now. When my mother, father, and brother woke up, they were tied down to a few old tables we kept in the basement.

There was a desk in the corner covered with tools identical to the ones Mevolent had used to torture me- I didn't even want to know how they had gotten there- and starting with my dad, then my mom, then my brother, I re-enacted everything he had done to me, slowly, painfully, with agonizing precision- the only difference was that instead of carving the symbol he had carved into me, I slit each of their throats open and watched the blood run down with hollow eyes.

I couldn't help it- by the time I left the house I was completely dead inside. Hollow. Hard and uncaring. I guess it was a promise I just couldn't keep. But then, he hadn't kept his either. I left the corpses of my family members to rot in the basement, and wandered out into the night. I had no motivation to do anything, so I stumbled into the nearest dark alleyway and curled up into the cold, hard, concrete corner.

I refused to think about Niccolo... About my family... It was easier to be an empty shell than to face the fact that I had nothing left in the world to cling to. And it was entirely my fault... Oops, looks like I broke that promise too. Oh well. I stared at a dumpster, thinking nothing, feeling nothing, until I fell asleep.