Saturday, January 19, 2013

Esra Sunshine: Resurrection

Nostradamus Defiance was a sensitive who knew Esra's uncle. The boy wasn't on either side right now. He was at home with his blissfully ignorant mother and new baby brother, and his magical father holding a video conference with some mortals upstairs. Defiance was currently training in a different magical discipline as well, a kind he could use for defence. He didn't want to be a sensitive, he hated the visions that had plagued him for as long as he could remember.

Esra waited nearby, chatting happily to one of Defiance's friends. A mortal boy. He was waiting for the sensitive to come out. He knew where what he was looking for was.

Jordan, the mortal, waved a cheery goodbye and walked off. Sunshine was in a cafe across the road from the house he was watching. Finally the boy stepped out. It had been snowing near Defiance's home, but the boy still stepped out in just a T-shirt and jeans, no jacket, no shoes or socks, dragging a rubbish bag to the bins on the pavement. The older mage got up and went to the door of the cafe, wondering whether to just go over and grab him or think up something with a little more tact. With a sigh, he got up and went across to talk to the boy. "Excuse me, I'm looking for someone..." The boy regarded this long-haired stranger curiously. Esra described Vengeous to him and saw a mix of confusion and recognition fight on his face.
"Eh...Wait a second...the guy you're looking dead?"
"I'm looking for a body, yes."
Defiance went to bite his lip, remembered he was wearing make-up, pulled his teeth back out and sighed. "Uh...okay, I'm not sure if I can tell you. I've been told to be careful."
"By Arthritis Dank?"
Nostradamus' eyes widened in shock. "You know Dank?"
"He's my uncle. My mother's brother. If you trust him, you can trust me."
The Gothic boy nodded slowly. "O-okay...I'll go get a map, show you where the body's kept."
"That'd be nice, Mr Defiance."


Advantageous Twist didn't make any noise when he entered the cell block. The door opened silently, he didn't whistle even though he had so many songs he would have loved to have whistled along to, the keys in his pocket didn't jangle together, neither did the cuffs in his hands. He moved towards the cell with the pale woman he had captured. He moved towards her, making sure Repine was still in the corner behind him, and reached down...and cursed aloud. Repine was the one in the white florals, and suddenly Emeveiller's arm wrapped around his throat. It didn't worry him. She would be easy to shake off. He simply backed up against the wall fast. He had a lot of advantages over Emeveiller, he was stronger and heavier, probably faster too. He began to crush her against the wall, digging his elbows in to help until she released her grip. When he stepped away, she grabbed his hand and bit down. Crying out, he released the cuffs. Emeveiller then made a break for the open cell door, the keys she had taken from Twist's pocket when she had choked him shining and clattering together as she went. He went to follow once he realised, but she had already closed the door and was already locking him in. Mr Twist went through a big collection of curse words in his mind. "Repine tells me you were the one who broke his glasses?" Repine nodded from the inside of the cell. Pourri nodded, smashed her elbow in and broke Twist's glasses and nose.

Perfect, Advantageous thought bitterly, Trapped in here, blind and two broken noses in such a small space of time.


The woman pretending to be a man had no idea what to do when she saw Jasmin and Charles leaving the sanctuary. They hadn't recognised her, by the looks of it. Good, it would make things a whole lot easier if she didn't have to take care of them as well. She stepped forward so that the elders were in view. She planned to make it easy enough...take out a leg or two, take the elders, shadow-walk out. Naturally it wouldn't be that easy. No chance. Having multiple targets standing side by side ruins things a bit, especially when one suddenly turns to talk to another, accidentally alerts the third and they all end up out of the way of the stabbing shadows. Mist had pulled Ravel to the floor so for the moment they were seemingly easy targets, but Bespoke was up and coming straight for her...


Darren Shadow met Sunshine and Defiance where the teenager insisted they would find Baron Vengeous' body. "What exactly do you need this for?"
"Shut up, Mr Defiance. We are using this man to save the world."
Darren blanked. "Wait, what? What are we saving it from?"
"I'll tell you all about it when I think you are intelligent enough to understand."
"Wait a minute..." Defiance stepped in their way as Darren frowned. "You're not making him a zombie or something, are you?"
"What? No! God no. We're bringing him back properly."
Defiance shook his head. "No way. I've heard about the things he's done. Dank told me."
"Sorry, Mr Defiance, you don't have a say in the matter." His hand began to glow and he pressed it to Nostradamus' skin. the boy cried out and Esra kicked his feet out from underneath him. As he dropped, the man brought his knee up to meet the boy's chin and then Shadow and Sunshine set to work on bringing the Baron back to life.


  1. Nostradamus Defiance? Where do you come up with all these awesome names?


    1. ...they just appear affixed to the character all of a's like magic or something...

  2. Oh my god, you're going to bring back V. Technically EmberTC could help you with that, but she's not on your side, so hah.