Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Hell

(Haha might be a tad long.... Wrote this sucker up during 2hrs of homeroom enjoy!

Zafira had been with Javier every second she was free. Which wasn't a lot of moments. In the days that followed her return from captivity she had been busy. She had been on the phone with her fellow Elders discussing war. It was inevitable and Zafira didn't want to risk lives against Mevolent. There was a lot of debate what they should do. America was vulnerable as it was since the Council was split into three Sanctuaries so that they can deal with the whole of the United States. It was a little after 11am and for once Zafira was having a chance to relax. Out on the west coast they were fending well no supporters of Mevolent had attacked. In the south there was one arrest and nothing more. Zafira felt America was safe, for now. She decided to even go talk with the detectives. Nothing bad was going to happen she told herself.

Fort Lee, New Jersey 12am
Mevolent had his forces split. They would attack the Sanctuary at dawn. It was a perfect plan. Nobody would suspect the attack as the whole army was going incognito. Driving through on the George Washington Bridge. He doubted the Grand Mage would suspect this at all. And he was going to take the east coast by force if necessary. Jason came forward
"Master are we leaving soon?"
"Yes send the first wave through." Jason left to tell the Generals. Soon. Manhattan would be easy to take Mevolent was sure of it.

Manhattan, 6am
Zafira sighed as Javier woke her up.
"Come in Zaf I'll come in with you."
"Alright let me just get ready." Zafira got ready and took Javier's hand. She figured he'd want to be a fighter for the Sanctuary. The two walked to the apartment building where the Sanctuary was. Zafira tapped the symbols and they entered the foyer.
"I'll have Detective Riddle speak with you later I have the detectives talking to volunteers who wish to fight." Zafira told Javier. He smiled and the two went to Zafira's office. It was 7am the sun would just be coming up over Manhattan. Most of the sorcerers who worked in the Sanctuary were here. That's when the alarm sounded.
"What's going on?!" Javier asked. Zafira shook her head
"It appears Mevolent is attacking." She growled as she ran out of the office with Javier behind. Cleavers and sorcerers were running to the foyer to intercept the attackers. When they reached the foyer it was a bloodbath. She ran forward and attacked the first person she saw working for Mevolent. Elemental. Zafira dodged the flame that flew past her. She sent shadows that sliced the man's chest open. He backed off. Through the fighting someone called out,
"Mevolent himself is attacking!" Zafira surveyed the room. Most of her fighters were okay. Alive at least. Javier found Zafira and the two stood together. Then Mevolent came into the battle. It didn't take long and he had made his way straight to Zafira. But she was ready before he could even summon a flame she sent shadows at him. Javier took the dagger from his pocket. The next thing they knew Mevolent was caught in his own nightmares. But Javier could only hold him there for a few seconds before there was a fireball thrown his way. Javier lost focus and it seared his arm. Zafira sent shadows again and was blasted against the wall. Her eyes widened and she sent more shadows. Javier sent the dagger at Mevolent. Only then did Mevolent realize that he couldn't get Zafira. The Cleavers surrounded her. Mevolent turned and his own forces followed. Cleavers rounded up ten of his men. Zafira looked around the blood streaked foyer
"He...attacked us." She said in disbelief. The doctors tended to the injured. Zafira didn't have many wounds the most was burns. She wouldn't let the doctors treat her until the worst off were treated. Javier came over
"Zaf he's not going to leave you guys alone."
"I know."
"Do you want me to go home with you?"
"No I need to alert the others." Ignoring her protesting burns she went to her office. 20 minutes later every Sanctuary around the world was given the same alert: The attack has begun.

Roarhaven, Ireland 4pm

Ghastly was the first to receive the message. The Council literally dropped whatever they were doing and met. Ravel looked grim,
"It's begun. Zafira Kerias was attacked. They won but they sustained some injuries to their forces." Ghastly sighed
"Prepare for the worst?"
"The worst is yet to happen."


  1. It has come!
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    Anyway, nice!

  2. Very nice chapter... Things are heating up! Who knows- somewhere down the line, given recent events, I might even be fighting against you. Or maybe we'll both fight together against our own friends and comrades. Yeah, this isn't a depressing fanfic at all...

  3. You got time im not posting anything yet since i gtg soon xD

  4. Lavender's mom's in Ireland!

    Maybe she'll be called back to America...
    *has idea*
    Again, not sure where it's going to go, but-
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    I'll think more on it.

    Cool chapter, Zaf. :)