Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mevolent: Symbols

Mevolent thought the idea through. The symbol itself would be easy to carve but the only thing stopping him was how to get it on Zafira. She had been taken back to a cell to await further instructions. If Mevolent was to carve it on her he needed a plan. And a good one. He thought of her words to him earlier that day. She had been afraid to tell him about America's plan of action. That would be what he would do. Mevolent summoned Jason.
"You called?"
"Yes. Take Zafira to the torture room. I will see to her from there."
Jason bowed, "Of course. He left. Mevolent took the tiny paper from his pocket and examined it. The ancient symbol. Perfect. He waited before heading to where Jason should have the Necromancer. He entered the room to see Zafira chained in the center. She did not look up when he entered.
"I know it's you. What have I done now?" Her voice filled with fear.
"You did not give me full information on the Americans did you?" Zafira growled something in Spanish. Ignoring her he took the knife and cut her. He did this for hours and when he was sure she would not notice he carved the symbol on the spine careful to not get the spine. Even though he finished what needed to be done he continued to hurt her. Zafira's screams were lessening as if she could no longer scream. He stopped
"Do not lie again." He left her to Jason who slipped in to take her back to the cell. If she proved disloyal Mevolent would activate the symbol.



    It was awesome. :)

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