Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fabi: Mental Scabs and Unpleasant Surprises

     As soon as Ember was out of the room, Fabi made up her mind. She was sick of sitting still, being healed and being treated like she was a really annoying pet puppy. Being ordered about and not being told the whole story really got to her, and she hated the way Liberty looked at her, like she was an annoying little kid.
     Not that she wasn't younger than most of the important sorcerers. She hadn't been alive yet in the first Mevolent war. She hadn't been born into magic, either, and none of her family had it in any known form. Her immediate family had died what, decades ago? Maybe even a century? She wondered if magic was worth outliving them all.
     Her mind did something not uncommon. It changed the subject. There was a scab over the memory of her family, and picking at it wouldn't help it heal.
     Instead, she thought about the current situation, so preposterously complicated it almost made her laugh. Almost. Ember made her feel slightly uncomfortable, with all her talk of chess pieces, but Liberty was downright creepy! And now, the mysterious leaders, whoever they were, wanted her to recruit Death to be part of their insane revolution. There was no way Fabi was asking a favor from Death though. She'd given her friend enough trouble, already.
     She hoped Mevolent maybe wouldn't guess that Death had helped her escape. Maybe he'd think it was Slit? Fabi tried to cheer herself up, but pessimism took over, and soon her mind was moving out of the present, forming another mental scab.
     Her next train of thought was her immediate predicament. Sitting still. Fabi hated sitting still in the middle of a war. It made her feel useless an pointless, which she probably was.
     Despite the aching all over, she forced herself to get up and tiptoe over to the door. Silence. She couldn't hear anything from the other side, so she opened it and peeked out. No one in sight.
     She gasped as she recognized her surroundings, a hospital, mostly empty. Quickly covering her mouth, Fabi retreated back into the blank room and tried to keep her last meal (when was that?) in her stomach. She hated hospitals. They were connected with being sick or hurt, both bad, and they were noisy and filled with doctors and nurses who asked the same questions over and over again. The answers never changed.
     Fabi took a moment to steel herself. She hadn't been this queasy in front of Mevolent! It was absurd. She opened the door and slowly walked out into the hall.
     The elevators were right next door, and Fabi didn't hesitate. She pressed the button for the second story, not even stopping to consider. The doors opened, and thankfully no one was there.
     Fabi was leaving, walking away from the creepy sisters and the little revolution. If this really was some sort of secret headquarters, the intended entrances and exits would be guarded. Her sword had been either confiscated or forgotten, Fabi wasn't sure, but she could easily make another.
     She felt around in her hair, and extracted the pins that were meant to keep it out of her eyes, but never did. She melted them into a metal ball, not big enough. She picked a room at random, intending to look for something to add, but stopped short as she entered. On the hospital bed was a cadaver. A dead person. She backed up a step and tried a different room, ditto. What kind of hospital was this?


  1. Creepy...

    Can't wait for the next one!

    Hospitals... *shudders*

    Good job!

  2. ooh... I just know I'm going to dream of dead people in hospitals tonight *shivers*. Good ending, and I LOVED the chapter :) It was awesome.
    *Goes off to write chapter where I meet MORE people *rolls eyes* but it's not wha you think... ;)

  3. Omg! I think I'd rather be at Mevolent's getting my legs cut off inch by inch then in there!!!

  4. Ooooh... Dead people! Why are they there, I wonder? *forms nasty little theories* Can't wait to find out! Great, eerie chapter, Fabi!


    It's a MORGUE
    or not, you know, I could be wrong

    1. It's a hospital. Ember killed them.

    2. Yeah, Ember. That's going to make them feel a lot better!

      Well, it'll make the next part more exciting, anyway!

      [Goes to write]

    3. Exactly. My cheering-up skills are incredibly refined, haven't you noticed? XD

  6. Ember's evil.

    I think everyone who's name begins with E is evil. Because alliteration. :)

    Good chapter! :)