Monday, January 28, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Battle of Littletown

Zafira led the fighting force she had through to the little town on the outskirts of Providence, Rhode Island. Mevolet had sent Baron Vengeous and his men to try to get to New York City. Luckily for Zafira the little town existed of all mages who alerted the Sanctuary upon seeing Vengeous. Zafira was grateful. The other Elders sent help. Zafira led 250 people including every resident who was old enough to fight from Littletown. They waited by the sea. It was clear of mortal view. Everyone could see clearly Baron was coming. He led his people to fight. Zafira hoped to talk him out of it she felt Javier grasp her hand as the enemy drew near.
"Love you. We can do this." He murmured. Zafira smiled
"I know we can Javier." She said. He squeezed her hand and stepped back. Zafira usually did not lead people into battle but as if Baron got through into New York she'd be dead anyhow so after an agreement made by the Council of Elders they agreed the Elders would fight despite the rule. Baron Vengeous arrived. The next second his army attacked. Sometimes you could see bits of a person fly everywhere. Zafira felt fire fly past her and she rounded on the Elemental. Zafira sent daggers of darkness at the mage. They used the air to block them. Zafira drew her knife and lunged at them. She wasn't planning to but she slit their throat. She backed off and rounded on the next person trying her hardest not to get hurt. She defeated this person with minor cuts and a burn but nothing major. Her gaze swept across the field. They were winning it seemed. The next second she felt a sword across her stomach and she fell to her knees. Three mages from her side ran at her attacker and kicked the crap out of them. Zafira put her hand to her stomach and her hand was slick with blood. She heard Vengeous call his forces to retreat. They had won.

Javier looked around once Baron's army was gone.
"Where is Grand Mage Kerias?" He asked Sult. Sult nodded to the Teleporter
"Took her and all the worst wounded to the Sanctuary. We're waiting until the doctors release her so we can set up a guard over Littletown." Sult explained. Javier sighed. He had to see if his girl was alright. Sult must have guessed
"Go on James will Teleport you to her." He said. Javier nodded and James place a hand on Javier and when he blinked he was beside Zafira. She looked pale but she was awake. Her face broke into a smile when she saw Javier
"Javier." She greeted. He went over and took her hand smiling back at her
"How are you Grand Mage?"
"I'm alright. Not the best but hey. I was told I got to wait a half hour before leaving but I need to call Sult and issue the orders." Javier smirked
"You'd be on death row giving orders." He teased.
"I am the Grand Mage! I do what must be done in order to keep America from Mevolent." She responded. The half hour went by.

Zafira kissed Javier's cheek. And she went into her office she called Sult and arranged a guard over Littletown. She then immediately went to Skype her fellow Elders Adra was furious she didn't get to kill Baron.
"Look this is one small battle from hundreds more that are bound to happen. You guys need to be prepared for the worst. Mevolent sent one general after me. He has two others. I would keep on high alert." The Skype call ended and Zafira went to Javier
"What do I do with you Zaf?"
"Keep me." She laughed. Her one hand was bandaged so the burn would heal
"Oh Zaf i love you."


  1. I assume there will be another fight scene later on for the US by the ending?

    Good work on the chapter :) Keep up the good work.

    Hahahaha- I won't keep you from writing. Honestly I'm glad the number of posts per day is starting to pick up again.
    However, as soon as I've finished collaborating with Death, I will be coming after you. So prepare yourself for a battle much longer than this was! >;D

  3. *Claps*
    I really like Javier! He's so... Adorable!!!

    Great job! I'll have to go out on a little battle with dad soon!!!