Monday, January 21, 2013

Fabi: [Sarcastically] How Nice

     Fabi scowled. She hadn't liked the idea of going back to corpse-central from the start. She'd taken Ember's word that it would be safer, and ignored the fact that Mevolent had found the building before. He, or his lackeys anyway, had found it again.
    "There are five burly men, I'm guessing they and the ones we fought earlier are all clones or something..."
     Star looked at her. "How do you know that?"
     "I can sense metal, their weapons." Fabi explained, at the same time as Ember said. "She can feel their metal." Fabi glared. "Been doing your research, have you?"
     "You could hardly expect me to save your life without knowing who you were!" Ember glared back, looking seriously annoyed.
      "Umm...guys? There are five dudes banging on the wall, still. Shouldn't we do something?" Star asked. "Maybe... Fabi, can your metal-senses find the tracking device?"
     "To be brutally honest, I have no idea. There's so much metal here, what with the steel walls...Anybody have a flyswatter?"
     "What? Why?" Star was caught off guard by the sudden change of subject. She looked around, and noticed the buzzing insect. "No, I don't have one. Could we leave the bug for later, and just deal with the FIVE HEAVILY ARMED PEOPLE?"
    Fabi shook her head vigorously, her forehead sweating. "It might be a bee. My family has a history of being deathly allergic to bee-stings." She wondered if Star would get the message.
     Ember frowned. "I can't seem to eat the bee's soul..." She looked at Fabi suddenly. "Oh! That explains a lot." She pulled a spatula off the shelf of weapons (what was it doing there?) and flattened the miniature recording/tracking device. "There."
     "Thank you. That's solved one problem, anyway."
     "Wait...eating souls?" Star asked, her hand on her sword.
     Ember winced. "Being a healer was boring. I wanted more...oomph." She changed the subject. "So, that was the tracking device?"
      Fabi nodded. "Either that or a really, really unusual type plastic-based insect with really well hidden internal wiring."
     There was a silence. "Now we should probably move on to our other problem," Star suggested, and Fabi agreed.
     "Are there any trapdoors? Other exits?" she asked Ember.
     "Nope. Every exit for us would also be an entrance for our enemies."
     Fabi sighed exasperatedly. "I'm beginning to see why you have enemies. Torture me, indeed. I could melt a hole in the wall and we could escape a different way."
     "I'm afraid that you would be killed at least fifty times by those symbols." Ember replied, gesturing to the scribble on the walls.
     "Then deactivate them!"
     "I can't. I'm a not a symbolist or sigilist."
     "Then how on beef-wit are we supposed to get out of here?"
     "You're supposed to be the scheme-concocting genius, not me!"
      Fabi's face went red. "Yeah? Well sometimes 'supposed-to-be' is wrong!" She looked at her feet.
     "Okay," said Star. "How about we work together. Fabi, you do something about their weapons, Ember, you, um, eat their souls, and I'll decapitate as many as possible with my sword?"
      Fabi shrugged. "It's as good a plan as any," she said flatly.
      "Ok then," Ember agreed, smiling as she pushed the button to open the door.


  1. Eating souls? *grunts* that's a new one!
    ... And a little scary!

  2. I like this- some good old fashioned flat-out fighting. No diplomacy or elaborate aversion strategies or anything like that. This will be refreshing to read. :)

  3. *laughs*

    Yeah, you got my character right! There was one moment when I thought, "Meh, that doesn't sound me," but then I read it in a different way and I was like, "*nods* Yup, that's me. :)"

    Yay! Evil bees! That's so like me not to get the hint. XD

    It was a really good chapter. :)

    1. [Sighs in relief]
      Sorry to bug you about it and all. I just really freak out about using other people's characters.

  4. *Pulls Ren Clairvoyant closer*
    He can get my soul back!! I can't be eaten!!!
    *Dances and falls over*