Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Off To Death We Go

(Side note arent my titles all deathy heheh

Mevolent waited for his general to report.
"I will personally come to America." He declared. Nobody objected. Mevolent beckoned Remit forward
"New York City. The community of mages on Manhattan." Remit nodded and the whole group of fifty linked arms. In an instant they found themselves in a stormy New York. The same spot Mevolent had captured Kerias. The group hid well waiting for the Sanctuary agents to finally attack.

Zafira dropped the file she held
"In the COMMUNITY?!" She screeched. The Administrator nodded
"Grand Mage we got to protect the city!"
"We will okay?" Zafira listed names and Cleaver numbers everyone gathered and left the Sanctuary. The walk to the community was miserable and wet. Javier joined the Sanctuary fighters. If they lost Mevolent would gain control of New York City. Zafira entered the community. Mevolent's men came out from hiding.
"Good lord." Came a voice from the back
"Mevolent himself is here." Another gasped. Zafira looked up defiantly at Mevolent looking him in the eyes
"It appears you have gotten to Manhattan but see we don't worship you or your stupidity so kindly leave." Mevolent looked down at Zafira. Shaking his head
"Give up Manhattan and we avoid a fight."
"No." And that word the Sanctuary fighters ran forward and attacked. Zafira hunted down Mevolent but it seemed he was looking for her. She sent a fistful of shadows at his chest and Mevolent staggered and sent fire straight at Zafira. She ducked rolling away from the stream of flame. She drew her sword and lunged aiming to stab his chest. Mevolent dodged it and drew his sword, the god killer. Zafira backed off sending shadows at him. She knew what that sword could do. Mevolent laughed seeing her fear. He sent air shooting Zafira into the ground. He used the air to force her there unable to move. Her eyes showed fear.
"Don't..." Her plea was weak but she hoped it'd be enough. Suddenly the air left and Mevolent went still. He couldn't focus. Zafira got up and smiled, Javier was at work. Javier could hold on for a while. Then the shadows hit him and he lost focus. Mevolent turned to Javier
"Traitor!" He growled and went after Javier the god killer raised. Zafira cried out and someone knocked Javier out of the way and Mevolent stabbed a hooded figure. Zafira looked in shock. Javier ran far from Mevolent and Zafira. Mevolent pulled his sword and finally realized he was losing. He sent fire at Zafira and it hit her. He called to his forces and they came together and then the next second they were gone. Zafira turned her attention to the fallen figure on the ground she knelt beside them. The figure was bleeding from the chest not dead according to Zafira's necklace. Then Zafira pulled back the hood to see the face
"Alivia." She breathed. Her youngest sister. Alivia looked up
"Zaffy... Go on win.." She sounded faint.
"No Alivia let me help you the Sanctuary..."
"Zaffy I'm gonna die. Go on win this you are the one America needs to lead us from darkness." Zafira sat with her sister until she died.
"You killed my sister I will kill you Mevolent." She growled. Javier came over and wrapped his arm around her. Zafira couldn't handle this. She closed her eyes shaking. What else can happen?


  1. Zaf, can I write another chapter at the same time as this, but someone else's point of view?

  2. ...Alexander Remit? My brain is getting confused now. This is in the normal dimension, right? Not the parallel one from KotW...wonder who decided to bring him back to life...

    Aaaaaanyways, brilliant work on the chaptery thing, I love the ending. You can sort of sense something exciting is going to happen from the Moment Javier gets involved...and then you're left with a thirst for thrills and excitement. I love that in a story, especially here where I don't get really annoyed by cliffhangers.

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