Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maralie - A Ten Tonne Truck

Maralie panted as she ran to her mother's old stables, where her horse Jesy was kept. Maralie loved horseriding and practiced whenever she could.

"Jesy!" Maralie called, vaulting over the gate to the corral. "Come here, girl!"

Maralie heard a 'neigh' and a huge smile found its way onto her face. Mevolent hadn't found Jesy yet. She was okay.

Jesy galloped over and came to a stop in front of Maralie, throwing her head back and neighing.

"Good girl," Maralie murmured, running her hand along Jesy's neck. "Mara was worried, Jess!"

Maralie hopped up onto Jesy's back and smiled as she grabbed the reins. She had left in a rush earlier today due to obvious circumstances, so she had left the saddle and other gear on Jesy.

"Come on girl!" Maralie exclaimed, pulling at the reins. "FORWARD MARCH!"

Jesy took off galloping and Maralie laughed as Jesy jumped the fence. They went through the forest like a shark chasing terrified prey.

Only they were the prey. And there was no shark. Obviously.

Suddenly Jesy let out a petrified neigh and bolted forward.

"Jesy!" Maralie gasped as she struggled to hold on. "Calm, girl!"

Jesy only galloped faster.

Maralie screamed as she saw who Jesy was running from.


"Jesy, hurry!" Maralie cried as Serpine cantered towards them on a midnight black horse.

How the hell did that horse get there?

Jesy leaped over a wall and Maralie looked back, but wished she hadn't.

Serpine grabbed her by the scuff of the neck and pulled her back. Maralie lashed out, catching Serpine in the chest. He fell back on the horse, and Maralie gasped as Jesy started galloping faster each passing moment.

Maralie knew that soon, Jesy would stop. She would collapse in tiredness.

And Maralie would most likely die.

Suddenly, Maralie felt the most intense pain she had ever felt in her life. She screamed and let go of the reins, tumbling to the ground. She curled up into a ball, shaking, still screaming. Then that screaming turned into silent agony.

The red hand. It had to be.

Maralie opened her eyes a crack and saw Serpine gesturing with his hand.

Maralie's body felt like it was on fire. She tried to scream but couldn't. The pain was filling every inch of her, slowly killing her.

Then the pain went away.

Maralie felt numb. She sighed. Much better. Then she frowned. No. No, this wasn't right! She was going to die!

Maralie slowly lifted her head up, then whacked it off the ground. She winced as the pain hit her, but did it again.

Serpine was watching her intently. What on earth was she doing?

Suddenly the pain hit Maralie like a ten tonne truck. She cried out and clutched her head in her hands.

"Make it stop!" she shrieked, her body convulsing. "Please, make the pain go away!"

Still, Serpine watched her. Out of curiousity, perhaps.

Maralie breathed in and instantly the pain was gone.

She blinked. How the hell did that happen?

"Mara!" Molliana Dust shouted as she punched Serpine. "Run!"

Maralie looked at her with wide eyes. "Mollie, I can't leave you!"

"Go!" Molliana screamed.

Maralie jumped onto Jesy and, looking back at Molliana once, galloped off into the outskirts of Dublin.

She had a feeling she would never see Molliana again.

Gah, I always do the sad chapters! >.< they're always about Mara getting hurt. Meh. Thanks for reading! :)
~ Mara x



    Anyway, nice writing, Mara!

  2. Mollie! You can't let her die! She just saved your life!
    Impressive way of resisting the red right hand. I love horses, so I like Jesy :)

  3. Mollie!!! NO! Don't die!!!
    Stupid bloody dad and his hand...