Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zafira Kerias: That Little Box

(Just saying I'm probably not writing for 2days my birthday is Friday and the party is Saturday

Zafira smiled as her and Javier lay together in the backyard. Cool thing of gated communities is they actually have yards unlike most city housing. Te stars were out and it was full moon. Yea, battle was the following night but Zafira thought it was best to have one night with Javier since either one of them may die tomorrow.
"Zaf if I asked you to marry me would you?"
"Depends. As we might die tomorrow night I guess I'd say yes." Javier squeezed her hand tightly.
"Want me to show you something I learned while in Ireland?" Zafira asked. She'd seen another Necromancer do it before but their damn accent made it hard to understand.
"Sure!" Javier let go of her hand. Zafira sat up and sent a thousand daggers of darkness in a whirlwind at an imaginary enemy. Javier grinned
"Why I love you; you are so crazy. " Zafira laughed and tackled him playfully.
"Haha! I got you!" She announced. Javier pushed her off easily.
"Nah I win!" He laughed. The two wrestled on the ground playfully. Finally they stopped panting
"Think we'll win?" Javier whispered
"We better." Zafira growled "I'm not letting scum like Mevolent take over yet! Not my country." Javier smiled and for a while they lay pointing at constellations. Javier sat up
"Zaf cone here." She got up looking confused Javier produced a tiny box
"Zafira Kerias, aka Grand Mage, I know we had a weird relationship but I want to spend whatever amount of time left on Earth with you. Will you be my wife?" Zafira grinned and nearly squeaked her reply
"I do!"


  1. Awww... [brushes away a tear]. You're not half bad at these emotional hooks, Zaffy!

    PS- Happy Birthday!


  3. Aw that's do sweet!!! I'm glad you said yes!

    And happy Birthday!

  4. Yay!! A wedding- I love weddings! Drinks all around! *quotes Pirates of the Carribean* Seriously, though, I'm really happy you guys actually took advantage of the time you have together. Congratulations! (Though I wouldn't be surprised if I end up causing a world of problems for you two...)
    Also, happy birthday!

  5. AWWW!!! Zaffy, you HAVE to invite me!!!