Thursday, January 24, 2013

Persephone Grief/Adamantha Snark: Why Not?

     Persephone pressed her blade against the woman's neck. She didn't know who the guard was, but she was one of Arsenic's captors. Arsenic was her only link to finding Gustav, and she couldn't lose him."Where are they taking him?" she asked. The guard tried to turn, but Persephone pressed the knife slightly into her neck. A bead of blood appeared. "I wouldn't recommend moving."
     Adamantha scowled. "What did you want me to do? Rush in to the rescue and end up just as bad off as rat poison?" She made another attempt to turn around and look at the person behind her.
     "Rat poison?" Persephone asked, before grabbing the guard's wrist and twisting it behind her back. "And stop trying to look at me. It's obvious and annoying. Now tell me where they took him."
     Adamantha grunted at the pain in her wrist. "Annoying is my specialty. If you really knew Arsenic, he'd tell you that. He's in the second-to-last cell on the left, still unconscious."
     "So you know him? Is he trustworthy?" Persephone asked. "I'd hate to help a traitor."
     Mantha smiled slightly. "Depends on your definition of trustworthy."
     "What's that supposed to mean?"
     Mantha sensed that she was really getting on her captor's nerves. She didn't particularly care. "Well, he wouldn't be in those cells if he hadn't betrayed Mevolent, would he? Is he faking that? I doubt it. So really his trustworthiness depends on which way you look at it." She paused for a second. "So, which way do you look at it?"
     "Betrayed Mevolent? I guess I trust him as much as I trust myself." Persephone replied. "Care to accompany me to the cells? You look bored. You also don't look like a guard. Arsenic means a lot to you, doesn't he?" The woman didn't respond. "Anyway, what's your name? Mine's Igraine Camellia." she lied.
     "I don't know which is crazier, me being a guard or someone as shifty-looking as you telling me your real name."
     'Igraine' shrugged. Mantha grinned. "Hi, I'm Adamantha. I don't have enough reputation to warrant lying about who I am. I'm a mechanic-slash-chauffeur-slash-pilot-slash-annoyance." She nodded. "Mmm hmm. So, are we rescuing rat poison now, or waiting til he wakes up?"
      Persephone smiled. She liked this woman."We go now. In my experience, bad things happen to those who wait. In prison at least."
     "Fine by me." Adamantha waved her hand, and the coke that had been inconspicuously sitting on nothing floated over to her hand. She grabbed it and took a sip. "Do you have a plan? I'm rubbish at them."
     "You're a guard, you can walk straight down there. I'll follow behind. Just keep walking, Ill take care of any guards. Do you have keys?"
     " The guards know me, but like I said, I'm a mechanicy-piloty-driver-person. I can probably get keys, though. Be right back." Mantha turned and walked down the corridor.
     Maxie Regime was in his usual spot, leaning against the wall, reading a magazine and looking bored.
     "Hiya, Maxie!" Mantha said, putting as much cheerfulness as she could into her voice. "I brought you a new one." she pulled a small book out of her pocket and handed it to him. "I know guard duty can be so boring, especially with all the escape attempts being in the west wing jail cells, so I thought I'd stop by."
She handed him the book and pretended to fiddle with her necklace, really using her invisible finger extensions to unfasten the keys from his belt.
     "Oh, thanks." Maxie looked at the cover and whistled appreciatively. "The Hoax at Horror Haven, sounds like a good one."
     "I thought you'd like it," Mantha said. "Enjoy!" She turned and walked back towards "Igraine." A minute later, the keys followed her.
     "Nice," Persephone smiled. "Now give me the keys." Invisible, she slipped past the guards, knocking them unconscious as she went. Pressure points are very useful. When the path was clear, she beckoned to Adamantha. "You get him out, I'll keep watch."

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  1. Cool!!! I hope you find your brother in the next one!!!