Monday, January 14, 2013

Zathract Mist: Flight TR874

A Plane, 2013, Somewhere Over Turkey
The plane was large. He was just in a regular Economy Class, not for financial reasons, but for stealth. Zathract had everything as carry on luggage and the bag he had was under his seat. It housed both his favourite knives, both his old daggers just in case, and an assortment of other weapons that he may have to use. The bag was made of magical material, made to conceal it's contents from mortal technology. His necromancer gloves were on him, and Zathract was sitting next to a man who would not shut up.
Zathract had been called over to Ireland to deal with the sudden uprising of Mevolent and his army. The Grand Mage of the Australian Sanctuary had spoken to him personally and sent Zathract on his way along with half a dozen other Sanctuary agents. Some were other detectives, others were assassins and others still were people who had specialized in black ops in the previous war with Mevolent. He knew none of them personally and wasn't sitting anywhere near them.
A lady's voice buzzed over the intercoms and announced that they would be landing shortly so they could refuel the aircraft. Zathract cursed and check the time on his phone as the plane begun to descend. 2 am, Dublin time. He couldn't do this right now... Mevolent was at large again and he was wasting time, waiting for the plane to get more fuel. They weren't even that far away from Ireland. Zathract wasn't usually one to complain, but he doubted it would have been too much trouble for Mevolent to set up his base of operations in some other country closer to Australia.

Zathract exited the plane with everyone else after it landed and found himself in one of the airports of Turkey. The plane was scheduled to resume it's flight to Ireland in an hour. Seeing no point in waiting around doing nothing for an hour, Zathract wandered off from the majority of the passengers on the plane and headed towards the shops and stalls inside the airport. The first thing he did was take out his phone and speed dialed Sparky Braginski. He could use her help, along with a few other people he knew. Slayn Redeem was currently in England, doing something for her brother - one of the Elders. The phone rung a few times, but then went to voicemail. Zathract left a short message, asking that she returned the call when she could, then hung up and tried to call Nixion Strange. The phone didn't even ring. It just went dead and let out a dull note of nothing. Typical... Nixion had probably broken his phone or accidentally destroyed it while doing whatever it was he did these days.
He replaced the phone in his pocket and set off for a nearby shop. Zathract purchased a cup of tea, handed over the money and headed back for the Boarding Area for the flight. There was half an hour remaining until the plane would open again, and Zathract was getting impatient again. He still hated the idea of having to wait. This would have been so much easier if the Australian Sanctuary had a teleporter working for them. Zathract was willing to bet that practically every other Sanctuary around the world had at least one teleporter. But not Australia. And at times such as these, that little misfortune became a larger annoyance.
He shrugged off the remaining half an hour by making sure he had everything on him. Which wasn't much, to be honest. He had his bag, which housed his weapons. He had his necromancer gloves on his hands. He had a small amount of money and his shades in his jacket pocket. So Zathract really just ended up clenching and unclenching his fists, waiting for the flight to open again. And then finally, the cool voice rang out over the intercom in his area spoke. "Flight TR874 is now open for boarding."
Zathract jumped to his feet and made for the plane. It was a whole extra twenty minutes before the plane actually took off, however, and he had had to listen to the idiot man next to him rambling about some boring thing while he waited. Zathract fixed his eyes on the window overlooking the airport as the plane started to pick up pace, speeding across the runway. And then they took off into the air again, just as all the power in the entire airport went dead.


  1. What happened to the airport???

    I'm so glad you joined us, Mist! We really needed your writing in it! Awesome as ever! :D

    1. I actually have no idea. :P
      But power cuts are bad, and we're in the middle of another quiet war, so I just threw one in there for the hell of it.

  2. Aw shnap! :O I wonder what happened to the airport?!

  3. Oops what happens next?
    The chapter was Awesome!!! Keep at it!!!!

  4. Great chapter. :) It's a very odd experience, having the old Blogland writng group being brought into contact with the new one. :/

    But it makes the MC awesomer. :)

    And bwings us all togwether. A lot of old Bloglandians resent all the newness and miss the old days, and I did too. Still do, 'smatter of fact. But new Blogland is so awesome. It's great that I know all the awesome old Bloglandians and all the awesome new ones, but it's sad that they don't really know each other . . .

    Plus this could be the opening of a new subplot. :) I've decided I must be the world's biggest MC subplot fan, simply because nobody else's claimed the title yet. :P