Monday, January 14, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Man in Black

Zafira didn't know where she was. She had been to Ireland once and that was in Roarhaven. Here she had no idea where she was. Mevolent had led her to the cell she sat in now. Her magic was bound and she was cold. He hadn't spoken much to her in the time he had her. Zafira closed her eyes. She liked the Irish accent at one point now she rather hear an American. She bet that in New York they were going crazy. She hoped someone with brains would get her out of here. Zafira went to sleep finally.

Hours later she felt someone grab her. Zafira woke to see a person in red. They hauled her to her feet and brought her to a room. She didn't know what was going on. The room was stone and she was chained in the center. Her magic was bound that was itself a given. Zafira cursed Mevolent in Spanish. Upon getting to the point of cursing the cockroaches that live in Mevolent's heart the door opened. The person who entered was like a midget compared to Mevolent. All in black the person smiled coldly seeing Zafira
"Well looks like Mevolent was successful going to the States" He said, his accent was Dublin. Zafira looked up at him but said nothing.
"Quiet eh? I heard you Grand Mage" He used her title mockingly. Zafira glared.
"I can do this nicely. What do you know of the plans America is taking?"
"Nothing and even if I did I wouldn't tell you" Zafira growled. The man took a knife and cut into Zafira's stomach
"What do you know?"
"Nothing!" Zafira gasped. "Not telling!!!!" The knife entered again. The knife twisting and cutting in different places. Zafira screamed unable to comprehend what she did to deserve this. Hours of questioning and pain went by finally the man finished.
"I will bring you to Mevolent" He said and unchained Zafira taking her by the wrist. Zafira stayed quiet, why hadn't he shackled her? She didn't say anything. She was led through to what might have been the throne room. Zafira felt her magic return to her. Was she strong enough to fight? Hell no. But did she care? No. Zafira waited and grasped a shadow and used it like a knife on the man. He cried out releasing her. Zafira stumbled not used to supporting herself what with all the blood loss. The man grabbed her again forcing her into a kneeling position. Only then did she realize her mistake, attacking one of Mevolent's front of Mevolent himself
"Hello Zafira" Mevolent said. Zafira felt her insides go cold. What can this mean?


  1. HEY!
    Don't stop at a cliffhanger like that!!!!!!!

  2. Oooh, this is good. *whispers longingly* More...

  3. This is what Zafira said in Spanish: Dios te condene Mevolent y las cucarachas que viven en su corazón
    The translation is: God damn you Mevolent and the cockroaches that live in your heart

    I couldnt copy it to my story but this is what she was cursing xD

  4. *laughs* Coakroaches DON'T live in his heart. In order for them to be able to live in his heart he'd have to HAVE a heart for them to live in. :P

    Poor Zaffy. :(