Friday, January 18, 2013

Zafira Kerias/Aretha Tesla: Back to Ireland

I took another short train ride into Manhattan, and got there just before the sun came up. How ironic. I asked the Administrator for clearance to speak to the Grand Mage, on urgent business, as before. If anybody had asked me where I'd been, I didn't hear them. It was just as well; I never had all that many magical friends to begin with. Rule number one...

Forget it.
Zafira got the call for a meeting. She really didn't have much time but so be it she went. She went straight to where she was supposed to go
"What is it?" She asked.
"There's something you really need to see," I said, making my voice sound animated so she wouldn't know how dead I was inside. "I can't explain it, but it's very important. About Mevolent. We may be able to defeat him after all. And... You should come alone." I finished. I might have tried to warn her somehow, discreetly, but I had given up hope of controlling myself. If Mevolent didn't want me to give him away, I couldn't.
Zafira looked confused
"What tell me?" She asked. She thought the Irish Council would at least want to know.
"Okay I'll come but I'm bringing Javier." If so be it he couldn't come she'd tell him she'd gone to help fight.
You won't regret this," I promised. Oops, there's another one that I was sure to break. I led her about three blocks away from the Sanctuary, around a corner, and into a narrow, empty street that I had never seen before. At that point I was just letting my feet take me. But then I guess Mevolent decided I was acting a little too... Off... So I started a conversation. "How are the war efforts coming along? I know I've been away from the Sanctuary, but I guess you could say I've been busy," I said, sounding far more cheeful than I felt. "Have you made a move yet?"
Zafira followed hoping she wasn't going to die.
"Ok, we're here," I said suddently, and pulled a curtain down off a large object leaning against a wall. It was a mirror. How ironic. I took a moment to look at myself, noticed the scars that marred my face and lingered on the one on my neck, realized there were dark circles under my eyes, and my short hair looked pretty messy- there was also a small spot of blood by my neck where I had sliced open Niccolo's hand. I averted my gaze downward, and before she, or I, had time to think, pushed Zafria through the mirror. She landed in a cell on the other side, and I smashed it with my bare fist, barring the way back.
zafira smiled at her words. Then when she pushed herthrough the mirror She screamed at her
"Traitor!!!" Zafira yelled," traidor! ¿Cómo pudiste?!" She screamed in Spanish. Trapped. Hopeless. Zafira couldn't believe it. Trapped and in Ireland. She couldn't bend to Mevolent's will. She would not join him
"How could I?" I said bitterly, the words finally my own. "How could I have imprisoned you, the Grand Mage? Try, 'HOW COULD I HAVE KILLED MY OWN FAMILY?'" I was screeching now. "Yeah, that's right! I killed them all! You know that man who came to save you before? He's dead too. He tried to stop me, so I killed him. And by the time I'm through the world will likely be a pile of ash beneath my feet, but I won't care because EVERYTHING I LOVE IS ALREADY DEAD!" I couldn't feel the tears that ran down my face. My hand went to rest on my scarred neck. "He won't even let me die," I whispered, my voice wavering.
Zafira watched the whole melt down unfold
"You are possesed. What's happened to you?" She asked. She never experienced what was going on right now. Zafira had been bettayed and part of her Necromancer side was kicking in.
"You didn't willingly do that did you? I swear that Teleporter that saved me... i thought you guys were in love." She sighed. She can feel death usually from her necklace but her powers bound Zafira couldn't sense anything. She knew she was dead if she didn't get her and her capter out...alive
He was only teaching- well, not exactly teaching- how do I put it? Shadowing me? Ok, no, that sounds creepy... But I mean..." I was talking in circles now. "He would never fall in love." I finished, leaving it at that. I was starting to feel dizzy just thinking about everything. Then I rembered her initial question. "Oh, right, sorry. It's-" I stopped. Mevolent didn't want me to say anything, so I didn't. My hand quickly dropped back to my side, away from the circular binding symbol
Zafira sighed unsure what was going on.
"Does Mevolent seriously want me?" She asked. She looked upset. She couldn't believe she was back in damn Ireland.
"Release me you know I'm never going to bend to his will."
"I'm sorry," I said quietly, "He won't let me." I blatantly refused to think about Niccolo.
"Please?" She begged. Zafira sighed
"So god help me just let Mevolent do what he wants"
"It's not that I don't want to; I physically can't, ok? Do you think I would have honestly killed..." I faltered a bit, "All those people I care aabout, if I had any kind of choice?!?" I was almost desperate for her to prove me wrong- tell me there was some way out. Some reason to fight. Otherwise I would just stay dead inside. And I was showing my emotions now... That was good, I suppose... But the moment Mevolent had his way with her I would go back to hard and uncaring.
"Why are you? Is it someone?" She asked. Zafira sighed
"Im going to die I know it." She told Aretha. "I'm gonna he'll kill me."
I shook my head. "No, I don't think he will. He would have made me kill you already. He has something else planned, I just don't know what it is." And then Mevolent himself strode into the prison, grinning maliciously and looking very proud of himself.