Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liberty Star - Piano Lessons

I always do a little note... So I won't stop now! :)
So, I did the survey in school and WE WON! Woo! XD (the survey about 'Beauty is only skin deep) :)
Annnnnd I came first in my spelling bee... So I'm going for the all Ireland :) I'M GONNA FAIL WITH ALL THE PRESSURE D:
Enjoy the chapter! :)
~ Mara x
"ELEANNA!" Liberty Star shouted indignantly. "You get your butt here now!"
"No!" Eleanna Bright yelled, her voice slightly muffled. "I'm... I'm in the middle of my piano lessons!"
"El, you're right in front of me," Liberty sighed. Eleanna turned, and when she saw Liberty she squeaked and bolted down the hallway.
"El!" Liberty yelled, running after her.
"I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!" Eleanna screamed, and then ran into a wall.
She stumbled back, dazed, then remembered she was being chased and ran into her room and locked the door.
"El, please open the door!" Liberty sighed again, running her hand through her blonde locks.
"Noooo!" Eleanna cried.
"I will set the house on fire!" Liberty threatened. Eleanna whimpered and Liberty could hear her sliding down the door.
"Please don't Lib!" Eleanna sobbed.
"Oh, for the love of..." Liberty facepalmed and placed her hand on the lock. A few seconds later it clicked, and Liberty kicked it open. A surprised squeal could be heard, and then Eleanna's head poked up from behind the door.
"Lib!" Eleanna said, eyes blinking in surprise.
"Who did you think it was?" Liberty asked, her brows scrunched in confusion.
"You," Eleanna admitted, "I just expected you had given up."
"You do know I can open any lock in the world, right?"
"You confuse me," Liberty sighed, sitting down heavily on Eleanna's bed.
"That's exactly what my brother says!" Eleanna smiled, eyes sparkling.
Before you read the next part... I am dying to write it xD But it'll drive everyone nuts. SO BEWAAAARE!
Harry Styles, international popstar and member of One Direction, was Eleanna's brother. Harry didn't know about magic, and Eleanna was determined to keep it hidden from him.
"El!" a voice called down the hallway. Eleanna yelped and climbed onto her bed, then began chatting with Liberty.
"Eleanor?" Harry said, opening her door.
Eleanna's given name was Eleanor. She didn't want Liberty to accidently call her another name and have to make up an excuse to her parents and siblings. So Liberty called her El.
"Hi Harry," Liberty waved.
Maralie would die if she was in this position, Liberty thought to herself.
"Oh, hey Liberty," Harry smiled. "El, you've got mail."
"Ooh!" Eleanna exclaimed, running over. "Is there a lot of mail?"
"Um, well, you have one letter,"
"YESSSSSS," Eleanna yelled, bolting down the corridor. Liberty sighed and followed.
"Runnin' from the Madhouse
They won't take me back
Got the medicine to give me what I need,"
Liberty pulled her phone out of her pocket and pressed the 'answer' button, cutting off Little Mix.
"Lib?" Molliana's voice came through the speaker croaky.
"Mollie?" Liberty gasped. "Are you alright?"
"Uh, well, I'm pretty sure my leg isn't meant to bend like this, but yeah."
"You're hurt!"
"No crap."
"I'm coming to Ireland right now."
"What?" Molliana sounded panicked. "Lib, you can't."
"You can't tell me what to do."
"Technically, I'm your legal guardian."
"Go fall down a brick hole."
"Stop stealing quotes from Mara!"
"Go run into a wall!"
"See you in a few hours," Liberty said, then hung up.
"Harry?" she said sweetly.
Harry sighed. "How much do you need?"
"I need you to drive me to the airport," Liberty said, fingering her crystal necklace.
"What?" Harry said sharply. "No. You're only seven."
"And a half."
Harry sighed again. "I won't be able to convince you, will I?"
"Let's go."


  1. *Facepalm*


    *Shakes head*

    Harry Styles?


    1. *fangirl giggles*


  2. He will be swarmed by fans and he will be in so much trouble if he was court sending a 7 year old on a plane on her own!

    1. I feel so sorry for the One Direction Management...

  3. That is one determined seven-and-a-half year old... I'll be honest, I'm suprised they're taking her. I know she insisted, but couldn't they just tie her to a chair and lock her in the basement or something...?
    Well, anyways, this chapter was really cute! And I'm sure this will only end badly. Can't wait to see where it goes!

    1. She bites.


      And thanks! Mwahaha. I will HURT LIBERTY'S FACE.