Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jasmin Orage: Defying Gravity

Jasmin hated flying. He didn't mind altitude, not until it got to the point that it gave him a nosebleed, which was an altitude he never reached outside of a plane, but he certainly hated the turbulence. He could pass for a kid the way his face was built. A big kid. Charles Fiable had a more matured face and passed as a short man. He and Emeveiller were pretending to be his guardians. He wasn't sure where Pourri had gone, but Fiable was his best friend, he had insisted they sat together. He was also his most trusted confidant, in fact he was the only person he truly trusted, his oldest surviving friend, and at times insisted he acted as a bodyguard, an occurrence that happened more often as Jasmin's job description changed. There had certainly been great lapses when he had dated Pourri and when he had 'broken her heart' once divorce had been finalised. It was obvious that Charles and Pourri were related. They had the same pale skin and white hair and dark eyes, but he was thin and had a hooked nose and a constant glare, and he actually made sense when he got angry and with what he got angry about, whereas Pourri was fat and had a cute face and could fly off the handle at odd socks. He still liked her, but she was impossible to live with.

He sat on the plane, away from the window, eyes closed and listening to music, wearing a grey hoodie and jeans and no shoes or socks. He sat on his coat. It was a nice coat. White woollen fluff on the inside, brown leather on the out. It was warm and thick and in the past had been reinforced against bullets and blades, but had naturally weakened over time in some places. When the stewardesses came by he pretended not to speak any languages they could and only communicated with them once by pointing at a pack of tissues as his nose had first started bleeding. "This personal business had better not just be the possibility that your girlfriend is in trouble." Charles hissed.
"It's more than that. It's those men. They were Irish, remember? Irish, and followers of the Faceless ones."
"Oh. Them. I thought we could let them go, Orage."
"I can't. I can't let go of the nightmares...these are sick bags, right?" He opened his eyes, pointing at a bag attached to the back of the chair in front. Charles nodded. "Yeah, okay...good to know they're on hand..."
"We could have taken a different mode of transport, you know."
"No, Fiable, this is fastest without using Pourri's power, and she's never been to Ireland."
"Speaking of Pourri..."
"No, no Charles, I am not going to listen to you moaning about that again."
"You could have been a bit more understanding,-"
"I had just found out she only started those fights so that she could sneak other men into her life, of course I wasn't going to be 'understanding'!"
Fiable shushed him, looking around awkwardly at the other passengers. A lot of them were English-speaking tourists, and since they were speaking French a lot of those lot couldn't understand most of what they were saying. "Don't turn this into a drama scene." He warned nonetheless. For a moment it looked as though Jasmin was trying to calm himself down, as though he was angry, but it didn't last long as he lunged for one of the sick bags.


Jasmin bought them some lunch but only picked at it himself. Fiable and Emeveiller were speaking to an information broker, a psychic by the name of Luna Starr. Jasmin stayed quiet. He didn't have much to say and he had never trusted information brokers, before or after he stopped trusting people in general. Even so, he listened to what she said. She had information on the three men Jas was after, one of which was under the employ of Mevolent due to being under the employ of someone under the employ of Mevolent...or had refused to join and was either dead or imprisoned and the third now worked for the Sanctuary. She knew someone close to Cadence, but he had little contact with the Necromancer, and there was a small dribble of information that Jasmin already knew most of followed by Luna losing contact with the man. She spoke of recent things she had heard and left them with what they had asked for as Emeveiller took in the sight of the room she was in and teleported in to bring her payment. "We'll need a proper plan." Jasmin mumbled. "We need to go in, free prisoners and put at least one hole in Mevolent's plans."
"Once we know where they are, the freeing the prisoners bit will be the easiest to accomplish. That's why I have my first part of the plan." Charles looked to his sister, smiling. "I hope you don't mind playing the damsel in distress too terribly."

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  1. Great writing, as always :) I love the chapter name, it's really cool :) I really lilke Jasmin's character.