Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gustav Halt: Caught Again

Gustav blinked. He moved his arm. This was odd. Either he was in some sort of afterlife, or he was still alive. One of the creatures bent over him, drooling slightly.
Alive, then.
"I'm so sorry about how they treated you, they can be a little enthusiastic." came a voice from behind him. Gustav tried to turn and see the speaker, but the creatures growled when he moved. He lay very, very still. He heard footsteps, and an old man appeared above him. He bent down and slipped something around Gustav's wrists. "I'm binding your magic now."
Gustav lay there, feeling distinctly empty. The air was just air, and when he tried to snap his fingers, no flame was generated. The old man laughed.
"I don't blame you for trying, I would too. Can you stand up?" Gustav tried to stand, but his ankle was too weak, and he crumpled back to the ground. If it wasn't for the handcuffs, he might have been able to limp, but he lost his balance quickly. The old man frowned and whistled.
One of the creatures grabbed Gustav's shirt in its jaws and tossed him onto another creature's back. The old man whistled again, and the creatures started trotting forwards.
"Where," Gustav said weakly. "Where are you taking me?" he managed, before breaking into a fit of coughing.
"Don't you know? I'm taking you to Mevolent, of course."
Gustav lay very still.


  1. Duh-duh-duh... I'm guessing you'll rescue him? Great chapter :)

  2. ... Not good!!!!

    I hope you'll rescue him!!!
    Please do!!!!

    And please wright more!!!!

  3. Zaf already said this, but - uh oh.