Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jubilance Glee: Catching Up on Things

Jubilance had to admit, she was very surprised to find anyone out here at all. These woods were pretty much in the middle of no where, and she was hurt, freezing, and starving. The mission had definitely not gone the way she had planned.

Once Sapphire had found her, and given her a coat and that green goo, she felt a lot better.
"Do you know how to get out of here?" Saph asked.

Jubi nodded. "I was following the trail that I left behind to get out of here." she said, standing up. Her ribs still hurt, but that was something that she could manage with. At least now that her shoulder was healed.

"It's this way," she said, pointing to the left. Then she started walking with Saph, Gustav, and the other boy whose name was apparently Alex.

"So," Saph said to Jubi. "What happened to you?"

"Now, you know that I can't tell you that," Jubi replied with a laugh. "Let's just say that my mission didn't go exactly the way I had planned." There was a pause. "So how about you guys? What are you doing out here in the middle of no where?"

Saph sighed. "It's a long story," she said finally.

"I have time," Jubi replied with a smile.

Saph raised her eyebrows and smiled. "OK," she began. "It pretty much all started when I was attacked by a bunch of zombies. And then Serpine some how came back from the dead–"

"Serpine?" Jubi cut in sharply. "Since when did he come back? How did he come back?"

Saph shrugged. "The same way that Mevolent did I guess... Anyways, he took me to the dungeons of his castle. That's where I met Gustav."
"What would Mevolent what with Gustav?"
Saph shrugged again. "I don't think that he told me..."
"I'm sure Persephone's not happy about that..."

Saph continued to tell her about getting tortured, having Alex come and rescue her, escaping, getting attacked by Mevolent's monsters, falling off a cliff, nearly dying, and then finally finding her.

"Wow," was all Jubi said. "Seems like you had a pretty rough week..."

They kept walking silently for a couple of minutes, until Jubi saw the river that she had crossed when she had first entered the woods. "We're almost there," she told them.

Not the best ending... 
But... YAY! :P
~Jubi :)