Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sapphire Iota- Hey little birdie

There was some sort of delicious smell in the air, like woodsmoke. There were low voices nearby, and the crackling of flames.
Sapphire groaned and opened her eyes. She was lying on the ground with her jacket over her like a blanket. She was facing a fire, and- Fire?
Saph jerked back instinctively, managing to sit up. Her jacket slid off her.
Alex turned around “Saph!” he grinned. “Finally, you’re awake. Took your time, sleepy head.”
Saph raised an eyebrow. “How long was I asleep?” she asked Jubi as she pulled on her coat.
“A whole day,” Alex replied with a poker face.
“Just a few minutes,” Jubi shrugged. “Long enough for me to gather some wood, and for Alex to start the fire and find a small furry animal.”
Alex pointed to what looked like the remains of a rabbit, held by sticks above the fire. Despite her sympathy for the animal, Sapphire’s stomach rumbled.
“It died laughing,” Alex said softly, seeing the look on Saph’s face.
“I wish we had a teleporter with us,” Jubi sighed. “Or just a cell phone.”
Sapphire shrugged. “If Alex and I had enough energy, we might be able to make the three of us walk on water, but it looks like we’re stuck walking normally.”
She frowned, remembering what had happened just before she blacked out. “Where are the other people?”
“What other people?” Jubi frowned, throwing another stick onto the flames.
Saph blinked, confused. “Before I blacked out-“
“-fainted,” Alex cut in. She glared at him.
“I felt the minds of two other people. And I heard you two cry out.”
Alex shrugged, examining the rabbit. “It could’ve been a vision. I mean, you usually get them just before you fall asleep, right? Except this time you were about to-“ he saw her narrow her eyes. “Black out,” Alex finished quickly.
Saph snapped her fingers. “I knew there was a reason I keep you around!”
Alex rolled his eyes, and Sapphire noticed how the firelight brought out the amber in his irises. “Because you know that it’s an effective method of torturing me?”
“It’s more torturous for me,” Sapphire grinned.
Alex harrumphed. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”
“Oi!” Jubi broke in. “Can we have some food and water and work out how get out of here? Preferably before we get captured by Mevolent or those creatures eat us?”
“You’re right,” Alex agreed. “But first I want to know if Gustav’s nearby. Saph, are you strong enough to look for him?”
She tilted her head. “Can I have breakfast first?”
Jubi pulled the rabbit off the sticks and handed it too Alex, who cut it up and gave everyone a piece.
Saph looked at it hesitantly and took a bite. It was surprisingly good, and she wolfed it down in seconds.
Alex laughed and held out a half-empty water bottle.
Sapphire accepted it gratefully and took a few mouthfuls. She concentrated, and the moisture in the air condensed into rain, re-filling the bottle.
“Well, at least we’ll never run out of water,” Jubi smiled, poking the flames with a stick. Saph swallowed, trying not to back away. She hated fire.
“Give me a minute,” Sapphire muttered. “I’m going to look for Gustav.”
She leant back against a rock and closed her eyes. She let her breathing slow and her body relax. Sounds drifted through the forest; insects fluttering, birds chirping, leaves rustling. Then Sapphire opened out her mind.
She could feel lots of animals, but she tried to ignore those. Thankfully, she couldn’t sense any more of the creatures that had attacked them. She could feel Alex and Jubi, only a few metres away, but they were the only humans with a mile radius.
Desperately, she tried to sense even further. But there was nothing. The three of them were the only living humans for miles.
But just as Sapphire was about to open her eyes, Sapphire felt something.
It wasn’t a human. It was a bird, flying above them. It attracted her attention because it was smarter than most birds- as smart as a human. And it was flying as fast as it possibly could.
Sapphire focused on the bird. As soon as she entered its mind, it spoke.
Who are you?
Sapphire sucked in a breath. A shape-shifter. My name’s Sapphire Iota, she replied. Who are you?
The bird paused, like it was choosing whether or not to answer. Then it made up its mind.
I’m Lavender Hope.


  1. "It died Laughing"
    ... *Bursts out laughing*

    AWESOME JOB SAPH!! :) I know that I say that all the time to everyone... BUT IT'S TRUE! :P

    just one question though... If you're an elemental... Why are you afraid of fire??

  2. That's a complicated thing... Saph doesn't really use the element of fire much anyway, she's better with water and air, and Alex is best with earth. When she has to throw fireballs, it's usually in the heat of battle and she doesn't have TIME to be scared. But the reason she's so afraid is that Mevolent mainly used the element of fire to kill her family :(

    1. Wait.... How is Alex good at earth...? You're not supposed to use earth that much....

    2. I know, but he can turn other people into statues, not just himself, and he can make the earth split (like Skulduggery does in Mortal Coil). Alex doesn't rely solely on earth, but he finds it easy. Does that make sense?

  3. Awesome chapter!

    Yeah, Gustav is definitely out of range....

  4. Just read this and um... Are you planning on using my character any time soon...?