Friday, January 18, 2013

Advantageous Twist: Falling For It

Mr Twist sighed through his nose. He had just received a text from his wife telling him there was no way in hell she was coming over. He was feeling guilty right now. He hated feeling guilty. It happened a lot though. He didn't enjoy hurting others unless it helped more people. He liked helping people. This didn't help people, did it? Maybe he would ask for some leave, just so he didn't need to feel so bad all the time, especially when he had gone into the dungeon and seen all the people kept prisoner. No wonder he had been told to stay out of the dungeon.

He put away his phone and took out a book. Normally he didn't read to unwind. He liked to do Yoga...partially due to marrying an instructor. He never really knew what to do without her, and he didn't want any of the weirdoes here to walk in on him.He sighed again, feeling tired and wishing he could get out of the cold and retire to his room.

That was when he heard the pop. Slowly, he lowered the book and looked out into the darkness. He hated darkness, simply because he couldn't see. He lived in a dangerous world, after all. The woman was easy to see, though. She was pale, had white hair and bright clothes...and she wasn't exactly well-hidden in the bushes. He watched her lazily, and she watched him suspiciously before seemingly deciding she was safe. She ran across to a closer section of the forest and he rolled his eyes, shifting his weight so that he was standing on the wall. He walked up until he was sure he was out of her view and made his way towards her.

The girl was shivering and looked petrified. He felt sorry for her, but at the same time it was sort of her fault for sneaking around out here. She was looking around for him and any other guards. He smiled. She must have been looking away when he had walked onto the wall. Slowly, she stood, eyes now fixed on the door he had been guarding. Sorry, he thought as he swung his hammer at her, but she turned at the last moment, dodged and ran for the door. Mentally cursing himself, he ran after her, trying to get her with a swing. Just before she reached the handle, the hammer struck her shoulder and she lost her footing with a yell. He stepped back to the floor and helped her up. Once she was standing, he tightened his grip and she stared at him fearfull. She was waiting for him to speak. Only when she realised he wasn't going to did she start struggling. They always struggled and it was always in vain. He wrapped an arm around her throat and dragged her inside, towards the cells, and he would let the others decide what to do with her. Of course, the way they were both facing meant he didn't see the woman smile.