Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zafira Kerias: One Day More

Zafira woke up to see Javier staring at her.
"Zaf." He smiled and kissed her hand. She smiled she loved how alive he was in the morning
"Whats up Javier?" She asked reading the concern on his face. He shook his head
"Not now. Well okay yeah time to tell you." He sighed "Theres a symbol on the base of your spine I can cut it and you'll be free and we can get the hell out of here." Zafira shook her head. She felt as if she was forbidden to do this.
"Javier. No!" She growled at him. Javier smiled slyly
"Figured you'd be stubborn. Always were." He sat up holding his arms out for a hug. Zafira hugged him tightly burying her head in his shoulder. How can she live with this? She cant let him stop Mevolents influence. Then she felt a pain in her back. She cried out.
"Hush Zaffy." Javier murmured. Zafira felt a fog clear in her mind. Thinking clearly.
"Javier we have to go." She whispered.
"Shadow walk go as far as you can into Dublin. I'll call New York." Zafira nodded and pulled away from Javier and took his hand. She shadow walked to the edge of Dublin.
"Alright I got as far I could." She muttered. Javier nodded and made a call and smiled.
"Lucky we got a Teleporter." He laughed. Sure enough one of the mages who worked for Zafira teleported beside them.
"Grand Mage." He grinned. Zafira smirked
"Josen stop acting like a cocky little..." She laughed. Josen shrugged and took Javier and Zafira then in a blink they were in America. New York City. The Sanctuary.
"Grand Mage, you gotta Skype the Elders!" Josen told her. Zafira nodded. She went to her office and after enduring several minutes of fear she announced it,
"One day more." She told them. "One day more till revolution." And with that the American Council gathered their army. The attack on Mevolent was going to happen. The Americans were ready. And nobody was getting in their way. Not without dying.


  1. Hmmm, this should be good... I'll probably be getting in your way. So that'll be interesting. Actually, forget me- you'll probably be in your way. And I'll be sure to stir things up a bit before then, too. Can't wait to read more! (Also- I laughed when you mentioned skype. For some reason my mind just doesn't want to connect magic and technology.

  2. heh... gotta Skype the elders xD

    Why don't we just ALL do that??
    It'd make it a lot easier... lol

    1. Skype...
      *Shakes head*
      Even when the world is ending, we use Skype...

  3. Is that 'one more day' bit from les miserables? Skype *facepalms* great chapter, as usual :) I still love Zafira/Javier :)