Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mevolent: Fabi

Mevolent got off the bus and started walking quickly. It was a late afternoon in Dublin. Too quiet. Not nearly enough screaming, Mevolent thought as he followed Fabi, the spy he'd almost beheaded in his castle. If it wasn't for Death Rose. He growled menacingly and an old woman with grey hair and a face that resembled a dried apricot happened to be walking past at that moment, yelped and scurried off like an injured puppy.
He smiled; injuring puppies was fun, so was injuring people. Hearing them scream, those raw screams tearing out of their throats... It was the best noise in the world.
Fabi turned down another street, still unaware of Mevolent following her, wearing black sunglasses instead of his usual veil but his suit was the same. Black, gold tie, black dress shoes with one shoelace casing missing.
Fabi turned another corner and walked into a wall of air. Her face was covered in confusion as she spun around to see Mevolent leaning casually against a building, his left hand splayed slightly. "Nice to see you again, my dear."
"Mevolent? Wha...?" Mevolent could tell she was muddled, unable to understand how her got there.
"Think I'd lose so quick? You don't know me." He laughed and a though occurred to him. "Death Rose told me what she did, told me that you left through the tunnel. She's not the girl you thought she was; she's a traitor." Only the last part was true, she was a traitor because she helped Fabi escape.
Fabi's face went white and betrayal entered her eyes. "She didn't! She couldn't!" She screamed and she ran at him, conjuring a dagger from the nearest building and flicking at him.
He used the air to send it flying back at her and she barely had time to dive out of it's path. "Your friend does what she does for her own benefit, much like her father."
Fabi stopped and stared. "She is nothing like her father, 'cept for the crazy bit."
Mevolent got out his black gun and hid it from view. "She's good, I have to admit. A natural lier, she got that from her dad. Everything she has told you is a lie. All of it." And with that; Mevolent shot Fabi twice, all purposely missing the vital organs and another sneaky one that went through her spine.
He walked away, kicking Fabi hard in the ribs and heard two loud snaps as her ribs broke.


  1. Really good writing. Nooo! Fabi!!!! Nice chapter.

  2. Wait, is she still alive though?
    (Really cool chapter, btw!)

    Yeah, and I've been saying that to everyone...

    Because it's true!

    1. Yes, she'll live...

      And she's in Dublin, a lonely street

  3. This just keeps getting more intense.

    Only one more chapter left and then I have to wait :(

  4. DAMN YOU, MEVOLENT. *glares*

    Poor Fabi. Poor Death. Yeah.


    But anyway. Awesomeness. :)