Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: A Lost Love?

Set in the past as a memory at one point
Javier stayed where he was. He was one of Mevolent's fighters but he did not like what had happened to Zafira. Nobody knew what caused him to like the Grand Mage. He did: love. Long before he had hit the Surge him and Zafira had been close. Javier's mind drifted to the days of the war when he and Zafira had been friends.

Pennsylvania: The First Mevolent War
Javier waited outside Zafira's house. Her mom had told him she had experienced the Surge that morning. Javier knew she was older then him. He waited hoping she was okay. Zafira's mother came out
"Javier she's okay she's tired but she wants you. Go to her room. "
"Thank you, ma'am." He went inside the house. He went upstairs to Zafira's room. She sat up in bed. She looked a wreck
"Hey" Javier smiled sitting next to her. "So am I dealing with a full Necromancer now?"
"Yeah one who currently is worn out" She even sounded bad.
"Does it really hurt?"
"Imagine being on fire times that by a million"
"Okay I now can look forward to pain" He grinned. Zafira hit him playfully. "You know I'm planning to go into the Sanctuary now that I'm locked into Necromancy." Zafira explained. Javier grinned
"What has Bisahalani said about this? I'm assuming he's allowed you to help investigate in your father's death." Zafira's face fell
"The Grand Mage said he would let me once I hit the Surge he said I wouldn't wait long and now I have." Zafira muttered. Javier wrapped an arm around her
"Hey Zaf calm down" He soothed. Zafira relaxed in his arm. Javier liked her despite her magic. He himself was learning something as insane as Necromancy. Nightmare. The power to make people live their worst nightmares to the point of almost being there. Sight smell touch hearing all senses. Javier felt the impulse and he kissed her neck
"Be good okay?"

Ireland: 2013
Javier sighed. She was always good but once she had went into the Sanctuary she became different. He barely knew her. He'd die to have Zafira again. She has a special place in his heart. He walked past her cell. Mevolent had tortured her and she was asleep. Javier called her name softly
"Huh?" She mumbled waking up.
"Zafira its me Javier Fyreheart." Zafira widened her eyes,
"Javier! Oh my god!" She breathed. Javier smiled
"I will help you one day. I love you."
"Always." She replied.


  1. Ah, some romance coming into this story.... I like the new character.

  2. Awesome, Zaf, Thanks!
    Can't wait to read your next one!

  3. He die to have Zafira again?


  4. This doesn't have to do with the story, but did any of you edit my draft? It was called "Gustav Halt:"

  5. I've heard of Javier before . . . :/

    I would say awesome, but I overuse that word. :P You know I MEAN awesome. :)