Monday, January 14, 2013

Gustav Halt: The Rescue

The creature slashed his arm. Gustav yelled and pushed the air directly at it's head. The creature exploded, covering him in lots of gross things. He turned around to see how Saph and Alex were doing, just in time to see her fall off  the cliff. Gustav rubbed his eyes. It was all slightly blurry without his glasses, but he had seen it. Alex had let her go.
"What was that!? You've killed her! What is wrong with you?!"
"She said to let go." Alex said, raising his hands as if to protect himself.
"What sort of idiot are you?" Gustav jumped off the cliff, using air to slow his descent. His ankle twisted when he hit the ground, and he yelped in pain. "Saph? Saph are you okay?"
"Over here." he heard her say. Her voice was very soft, and weak with pain. He ran over to her side, and quickly assessed the damage. Her right arm was definitely broken, and from her breathing it sounded like a rib was cracked.
"Okay Saph. I need you to stay very, very still. I'm going to get you out of here." He lifted her up, grunting slightly at her weight. He pushed at the air very gently, and gradually reached the top of the cliff. He took of his jacket and put it on her. She was sweating and when Gustav took her pulse it was very fast and weak. She was in shock. "Stay still." She started to hyperventilate, which Gustav recognized as stage two.
Alex came over.
"I've got some water for her." he said, in an obvious attempt to make up for letting her go.
"She can't eat or drink anything. She's in shock, she might swallow her own vomit." Alex winced and put the bottle back in his pack. "Get that goo you used before, we need to treat her wounds."
Alex bent over and careful applied the ointment to her arm. "I don't know if this will help, it's mostly for open wounds."
"Can you make a splint?"
"Then do that, I'm going to look for who sent those creatures


  1. Is that...a rivalry?
    Not bad, Sev!

    1. It does look a little like a rivalry, doesn't it? That sort of worries me, seing as Gustav is based on Sev's brother...

    2. No. Gustav is different from my bro in that he was raised by his sis so he doesn't do well with men :P

  2. Great writing :) Thanks for getting Gustav to save my life.
    It's strange reading you writing about Alex. Not bad strange, just... strange. He's based on someone I know, you see. And he's also quite protective of me, so I feel sorry for the creatures' master *evil grin*
    I like the chapter, and I think you've kept me quite in character, so welldone with that :)

  3. Wow! That was great!!!

    I keep saying that... I need to find a new word...

  4. Saph, if u want to change something u can. I just realized that Gustavo has mutated from my bro in real life to a monster-fighter who looks like him....

  5. Characters will cahnge if you giev them different abilities and backgrounds. A large part of our personality is because of our experiences. :)