Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sapphire Iota- So tired

A/N I'm tired. So I don't think this is my best chapter... if anyone doesn't get why Sapphire is so much weaker than the rest of them, don't forget that Mevolent/Serpine didn't bother feeding her and Gustav in all the days they were there. She's been running and fighting on an empty stomach.
Saph hated watching her friends get hurt. She hated being beaten. But the thing that she hated most in the world was feeling helpless. Gustav was gone, just like that, right in front of her eyes. And she hadn't been able to do a thing.
They were running, but all Saph wanted to do was turn back and fight those things. Every step hurt, sapped more of her energy, reminded her that her stomach was empty and her body was exhausted. Why not just give up? Sapphire had fought monsters and people and people who were monsters, countless enemies who by rights should've beaten her. But Saph had won every time.  Monsters didn't scare her. Monsters only fought for themselves. Sapphire fought for other people, and that was what gave her the strength to win, no matter what she was up against.
But these creatures were just the beginning in a war against the most powerful sorcerer on the planet. This was a fight that she just couldn't win. What was the point in fighting? Why not just lie down here, now?
She glanced across at Alex, his brown hair ruffled by the wind, covered in blood and dirt. Because of him, she thought. While he's alive, I'll never stop fighting.
Jubi looked over her shoulder at them. "Faster!" she yelled. "They'll catch us!"
But Sapphire couldn't go any faster. She was on her last reserves. She stumbled, tripping over a log, and she slammed into the ground. Her face crunched against the dried leaves. She could hear the wind whistling through the plants, and the thought of staying there tempted her. It took every ounce of her will-power to rise up again. Alex helped pull her to her feet, but she knew that she couldn't run another step.
Saph turned to face the slavering creatures. She tried to get inside the creatures' minds, control them, but there were shields. Any other time, she'd be able to breach them easily, but the black spots were dancing in front of her eyes.
She closed her eyes, thought of her sisters, thought of Alex and Jubi. She thought of Gustav, and the way he'd been dragged away, and a fierce anger gave her a new strength that coursed through her body.

Sapphire opened her bright blue eyes, and every single creature stopped. She raised her hands slowly, and the air trapped them, floating them up and and up...
Alex stood next to her and helped, pushing at the air as the creatures rose into the sky, past the clouds. Their outstretched hands almost brushed. Then they dropped their hands and watched the creatures fall, plummeting down, down, down, until they hit the ground.
Sapphire crumpled, drained and empty, but Jubi caught her and Alex picked her up. She could see the sky, with those pretty clouds and birds flapping their wings as Alex and Jubi stumbled aimlessly through the woods. Her vision started to swim and she lost the ability to tell what was real. She thought she felt the minds of two more people, a man and a girl, and she thought she he heard Jubi scream and Alex yell something, a name that she couldn't quite make out, but then everything went black.



    Who the hell were they?????

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  3. But I love cliffhangers! They're FUN! And Death, well, you'll find out when I write my next chapter... whenever that is... I want to update my fan fics first.

  4. Poor Saph! :'(

    But it was an excellant chapter. :)