Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zafria Kerias/Aretha Tesla: An Unexpected Ally

Zafira looked up to see someone teleport into her cell. She felt as if she was going crazy. She was in pain and she doubted anyone could teleport. When reality finally sunk in and she realized someone HAD teleported in she sat up slightly afraid,
"Who are you?" She asked her voice low. Didn't need Mevolent
The two stood up and moved out of the dark corner; Zafria recognized Aretha, but after a moment of the two arguing in hushed tones she ran out after a guard that had seen them teleport in. The tall, pale man with dark hair and eyes and a long black leather coat took a few steps towards the Grand Mage and attempted to explain himself without giving too much away. "You already know Aretha- I'm..." He paused, not sure of how to name their relationship- he still didn't know exactly what it was, after all, "I guess you could say we work together. I'm here to get you out." He looked her over, trying to make an estimated guess at how much blood she had lost. "Where are your most serious injuries?"
Zafira gestured to the majority of her body,
"I have enough injuries everywhere I couldn't tell you the worst. It all feels the same." She sighed. Zafra tried to stand but it was not happening. She hoped this guy was really on her side.
Niccolo looked her over one more time, then sighed. "I figured as much," He muttered, his voice tired but still just as smooth as it always was. He knelt down beside her and laid a hand on her shoulder, and soon her wounds were closing up and the pain was melting away.
Zafira watched him wide eyed.
"You can heal?" She breathed. She felt better. She might be free after all. She needed to be free. Her country needed her. Desperatly. Zafira just needed to get there.
"Obviously." He answered simply. He knew it was rare for a sorcerer to have two disciplines, and he didn't want the American Grand Mage to start asking questions. Once he had healed most of her wounds, he stopped to catch his breath and figure out his next move. Croatoan stood and offered her a hand up. "Would you rather I bring you just a short while away from here where Aretha and I are staying, or back to the American Sanctuary?" He hated acting like a cab- in fact, he hated talking to Zafria Kerias to begin with; when you're trying to stay hidden, getting to know the Grand Mage is not the best of strategies.Aretha was going to owe him for this.
Zafira took his hand and stood,
"Please just get me back to America. I work in the Sanctuary in New York City." She told him. Zafira didn't even question him. She respected he might not want to be known. He seemed the type that was not looking for trouble. She just hoped Mevolent didn't get him. Teleporters were rare as it was.
He nodded, and in an instant they were standing on a sidewalk in manhattan, just a block away from the Sanctuary. "Is there anything else you need?" He asked quickly, anxious to get back to Aretha. Sure, she could handle herself just fine, but if Mevolent found her again... He didn't want to think about that. And there was that binding spell- if Mevolent found her, he would probably activate it, and something like that could lead to a whole host of problems.
Zafira shook her head feeling slightly dizzy
"No thanks. Just if you see Mevolent give him a good punch ok?" Zafira grinned, "Thank you for saving me. Go I can see you need to be back in Ireland. America will join in the fight with the Resistance." Zafira took one last look at the man who saved her and ran straight for the Sanctuary. There was a lot to do. War was war.


  1. Zaf's okay!!!!! Yay!!!

    Great chapter! I'm really starting to like Niccolo! At first I hated him but now I think he is really sweet on the inside!!

    1. He's a really controversial character- I actually laughed really loud for, like ten minutes when I read "He seemed the type that was not looking for trouble." There's still a lot about him that you don't know- and a lot about him that Aretha doesn't even know- but he's definitely layered, and I really like writing for him because of that complexity.

    2. Layered characters are AWESOME. :) *nods*