Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fabi: Unmaskèd Terror

    "And I need you here with me now, 'Cause you've got that one thing" Maralie sang. It was her third One Direction song. Usually, Fabi would be singing with her. Singing helped in the worst of times, but Fabi couldn't do it just now. She stood up.
     "Mara, I'm through with it all!"
     Mara stopped singing, hurt. "Fabi, I thought you LIKED 1D!!!"
     "It's not your singing, Mara. One Direction is awesome! It's this whole Mevolent business. I'm through with it. I'm going to start over, get a disguise from Ophelia or Brenna or whoever she is currently, and actually use those drama lessons I've been taking for the past five years!" 
     "Fabi, are you...okay?" Mara put her hand on Fabi's shoulder. "The Sanctuary needs you. The world needs you!"
     "No, they don't. I'm just a useless metal-bender, good for nothing but making weapons, and Andra Xyle can just pull them out of the air!" Fabi looked directly at Mara, a slightly melted expression on her face. "It's been made clear that I'm no good at fighting. Thanks for not telling it to my face, but I know it's true." Fabi gave her friend a quick hug.
     "Fabi! You can't just...leave?" Mara ran into a wall. Fabi winced.
     "Do you want to come?" she asked. "Sorry, I should have invited you from the start."
      Mara considered only a moment before shaking her head. "Daisy died because of Mevolent. I'm going to stay and help fight him!"
     "Very well, then. Maybe I'll see you soon, maybe I won't." Fabi turned, and strode down the street.
     "FABI!" Mara called, but Fabi didn't turn back. She rounded a corner, then another, and was lost amid the crowd of an unloading bus. Mara scowled and teleported out of sight.
     The man in black got off the bus, and began walking rapidly in the direction Fabi had gone. She didn't turn around until it was too late.


  1. *Grins*
    That is awesome!

    Okay, let's play God!

    1. Thanks. Yaaaaawn. Fabi sleep now...


    Sorry, text talk...

    Fabiiiiii don't die, okay?!

    Cause if you do...MARA WILL BE LONELY.

  3. Mwahahahahaha!
    [Flexes supreme power]
    Don't worry, Fabi will be fine. Mostly.