Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Seeing Zafira

Javier punched a punching bag. He hated this. His girlfriend, who just so happened to be Grand Mage, taken in an instant. He hated life. He had to go to Ireland. He needed to get Zafira with or without help. He left the room and went home. He took only what he needed and left. He got tickets for the first plane to Dublin and went to the airport.
Hours later Javier arrived in Dublin. He knew where the castle was easily. He was thought to be on Mevolent's side and preferred to be that way. He entered the castle without a hassle. Even the Generals didn't bother him. The question was where Zafira was. He saw shadows and followed them. He saw Zafira and broke out into a smile
"Zafira." He said. She turned and saw him. Her face showed surprise but she looked distant.
"Javier." She smiled hugging him.
"Zaf oh God where have you been?"
"Here." She responded simply. He looked concerned. What was up with her.
"Zaffy come home to America." He urged. She shook her head
"No Javier not yet." She had that distant look. It scared Javier. He took her hand.
"Zafira what's up?"
"I...." She trailed off. Javier sighed.
"Do I really have to?" He asked referring to his magic.
"Javier if I could freely tell you i would." She told him. She turned away crying. He closed his eyes thinking. What was she bound? Then it hit. Mevolent used a symbol to control her free will.
"Zaf can we go to my room?"
"Of course." The two went together to Javier's room. When Zafira finally fell asleep then he looked for the symbol.
"Clever." He muttered. "I'll rework you cleverness."


  1. Short and sweet. Good one, Zaf.

    BAD MEVOLENT!!!!! [glares]

  2. I just realized this- yours isn't on your neck. So you could technically just cut a fresh scar across it to break the symbol. Actually, I think Javier would have to do that, because you don't exactly have the best view of where this symbol is carved on your own body, and I don't reccomend attacking yourself if you can't even see what you're doing. Then again, you could also use a mirror if necessary... I don't really know what I'm saying anymore.
    Great chapter, Zaf- keep it up! I want to see where you're going with this.