Monday, January 14, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Experiment

Zafira did not utter a word. She was scared to death. Mevolent spoke again
"Zafira speak I am here in peace, if you tell me America's plans the pain will lessen." He promised. Zafira glared at him,
"CabrĂ³n." Zafira snapped in Spanish again. Mevolent sighed he did not need a translator to know what she said
"Zafira peace. I am offering an olive branch to you"
"Peace? Peace?!" The Grand Mage exclaimed "How are you offering peace? You attacked me in my own damn home and brought me to Ireland! Then allowed this man to torture me!" Mevolent shook his head,
"Would you have come peacefully?" He did not wait for her answer, "I will. Let you be if you tell me or my friends will poke in your mind" Three Sense Wardens came in. Zafira shuddered at the thought
"No Mevolent. I don't trust you and never will I" She said angrily. Mevolent sighed and Zafira felt stabs of pain in her head. She cried out wanting it to stop, to tell Mevolent the plans so the pain would be over. The pain faded. Mevolent watched waiting to see what she would do. Zafira knew how to word it she cannot let Mevolent know,
" not...fight..yet" She stammered "Planned to let things unfold" Mevolent did not speak for a while
"Take her back to her cell if Nye is available it can heal her...NOT dissect" He ordered. With that the man in black took Zafira to her cell. She curled up in a ball as soon as he left her alone. Zafira hated the cold but she was allowed her battle armor. It kept her warm. She did not know how long it had been. How long she'd be here; dead or alive. She vaguely remembered a quote from Jekyll and Hyde 'Man is not one but two he is evil and good and he walks the fine line we'd all cross if we could' Zafira reckoned Mevolent crossed that line and never came back. Groaning in pain Zafira fell asleep.

Mevolent spoke to the Sense Wardens unsure if his request was even possible, he had false memories planted but never the will of someone changed without a symbol. The Sense Wardens were consulting each other
"It is possible if she is kept asleep or relaxed" The female said. Mevolent nodded,
"Then do it. If it works I gained a Grand Mage and soon the Americans will follow their leader and I will have America without lifting a finger on them." The man in black appeared beside Mevolent
"Master." He muttered "Nye healed her she's asleep"
"Good" Mevolent spoke quietly "Jason keep her asleep I don't care how" Jason , the man in black, bowed and left. Mevolent then spoke to the Sense Wardens "Go with Jason he will lead you to Zafira. You know what I want done" They left Mevolent to be alone. He summoned a flame and went down a corridor thinking. If this worked he could capture the other Elders and manipulate them. He knew it was risky but in war times were hard.

Zafira woke up a few hours later in her cell. Unaware of what had happened. She lay there contemplating life as a prisoner, it sucked. Why had she gone against Mevolent? It was pointless he is powerful. He'll kill her anyway. The man in black came again
"Zafira come" He unlocked the cell and brought her to Mevolent again. "The master wishes to speak with you" Zafira stayed quiet waiting. When Mevolent came in he did not waste time
"I give you a chance. Will you join me?"
Zafira stayed quiet. She had wanted to kill him but something was pulling her from doing that, "I accept. I will join you." In the corner Javier Fyreheart watched. He left the room and sighed "I have to save her" He muttered. He had to.


  1. VERY nice! So you went with the sensetives after all! Well, I'm looking forward to watching this one unfold... Especially since I work for you... 0.o

  2. I've said wow a lot on here... But wow..

  3. Oh god America is in deep trouble now!!!