Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Persephone Grief, Adamantha Snark: Hello There, How Would You Like to Die?

Persephone sighed as she glanced out the window. She hated trains. They were so small and enclosed. You had no control over them, and you were jammed in close to other people. The noise and smell disgusted her.
"Miss?" asked a small voice. "How did you get your scar?" A little girl was sitting on the seat across from her, a curious expression on her face.
"Sharon, don't be rude!" the little girl's mother barked. "I'm so sorry, she shouldn't have asked that."
"It's alright," Persephone smiled at the girl. "I don't mind. I got it when I was ten. I was in an accident." This was the carefully prepared lie for situations like this. Most people she ignored, but children reminded her of when she was little. That had been over a hundred years ago.
The train suddenly screeched to a halt. Persephone stood up, reaching for the dagger in her boot. The door slid open and two men stepped inside.
"Persephone Grief?" one of them asked. "You lied to our boss. We've come to kill you. Please step outside of the train."
"No." Persephone snarled before lunging at the men. She knocked one against the wall, but the other stepped out of the way and grabbed Sharon.
"Stop or she dies." Persephone dropped her knife and put her hands in the air. The other man stepped up behind her and grabbed her hands. Persephone kicked his kneecap, and smiled when she heard the bone crack. The first man prepared to break Sharon's neck, but Persephone slammed her fist into his nose then kneed him in the crotch. When he hunched over in pain, she grabbed her knife and drove it through his ear and into his brain. She wrenched it out, and quickly slit the other man's throat. 
"Amateurs." she spat. She turned to the other passengers, only to see fearful stares.
"She killed them," one man said. "She killed them and now she's going to kill us!" The passengers started screaming and pulling out cell phones.
Persephone backed up and walked out the door. The passengers in the other cars stared at her as she passed. She reached a gap between cars and jumped, rolling when she hit the ground.
"This is what happens when you try to help," she said to herself. "Get Gustav and then stay away."
     Adamantha Snark leaned casually against the wall, drinking from a bottle of Coca-Cola and pretending to type text messages into her phone. She heard the clang of swords from Mevolent's office. "Rat poison, you idiot!" she muttered. Even she had more sense than to challenge Mevolent to a duel. She also had too much sense to go in and help.
     Arsenic shouted "That's for my sister!" and Mantha swallowed a lump in her throat. She was going to go about this like a sane person, which she wasn't, but she could fake it.
     As a servant carried Arsenic's limp body towards the jail, Mantha looked up casually and nodded. The inconsequential servant smiled back, ever so slightly.
     Good, thought Adamantha. It'll catch him completely off guard when I ambush him later. She heard footsteps, saw Serpine and slipped away. She did not want to get caught with that guy around.
     She had just returned to her post, when she heard the almost silent footsteps behind her. She turned, and saw no one. She had just convinced herself that she'd imagined the whole thing, when she felt the chill of cold steel at the back of her neck.


  1. Oh AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!! :D So Awesome!!!

  2. *Hair prickles on back of neck*
    Freaky... Dad isn't that bad!

    1. ...Seriously, Death? Did you miss the part where he killed too many good people to count? (Might I add a certain person's family in front of them) And he never changed. Just saying. If he had truly become a different person, then I would forgive him and move on. But... No, I really don't think I can do that. (I've forgotten the point I was trying to make.) Oh, right- Serpine is bad. Not fun. No. *shakes head* ...But at least he's not as bad as Mevolent.

  3. Seph, you're so awesome!! *refers to train scene* *also refers to writing* Seriously, your chapters are so fun to read- especially the action ones! (I think they make up a good majority.) Keep writing!