Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jubilance Glee: Fighting the Monsters

Jubi could only watch helplessly as Gustav was dragged into the thicket. She would've run after him, but she was too preoccupied with saving her own life. If she went off towards Gustav, the connection that she had with the creatures would break.
"Gustav!" Saph yelled.
Jubi tried to use her magic on the creatures that were dragging him away, but she could only do it for a few seconds. There were too many other creatures that she had a connection with. There wasn't room for another.
"Get out of here!" He yelled. "I'll be okay!"
And then he vanished into the thicket.
Jubi threw her knife at one of the creatures that she had cast a spell on. It his it square in the chest, and the creature squealed in pain. She took out another knife, the one that had stabbed her in the shoulder, and threw it at another one that she had control over. That one hit it's throat. Blood stained its white fur as the knife sank into its flesh. The creature gave a raspy gurgle, and coughed up something red. Blood. Then it went completely still.
Jubi felt the strain on her powers loosen slightly, as she disconnected her magic from the creature.
Looking towards the other one that she had stabbed, she disconnected her powers from that one as well. It would die soon anyways.
Running over to the one that she had just killed, she pulled the knife out of its throat and hurled it towards another one, making a mental note of carrying more knives with her when she went out on missions.

She glanced towards Saph and Alex. They were fighting back to back, hurling fire balls and pushing at the air like crazy. But there were too many of them.
"We have to get back!" she yelled over all the sounds of snarling and barking.
Saph looked at me like I was crazy. "But what about Gustav?"
Jubi paused. "We have to retreat. Then we can figure something out!"
Saph looked at Alex, who nodded. He was getting tired. They both were.
Slowly, they both backed up, away from the monsters, but still throwing balls of fire.
Jubi ran over to the creature that she had stabbed in the stomach and pulled out the knife. She then grabbed the other knife that had lodged its self into another creatures head.
She had a majority of the creatures under control, but she didn't have time to kill them all with only two knives.

Suddenly, another monster jumped out at her from nowhere. Before Jubi could even comprehend what was happening, pure reflex took over and she rolled out of the way. The creature landed exactly where she had been seconds before.
Jubi threw one of her knives at the creature, and it hit it straight in the neck. With one last growl, the creature collapsed to the ground. Grinning, she pulled the knife out, and then sensed something was wrong.
Oh crap, she thought, slowly looking up. The surprise that had come over her when the creature attacked her had broken off the connection she had made with the other creatures. There wasn't time. She didn't have enough energy to get control over all of them, and she hadn't realized until now how much her ribs hurt.
"Saph! Alex!" she yelled. They looked over to her. "We have to run now!"
And that's what they did.


  1. OH NO!!!!!
    [Waves around arms like quarazy]
    At any rate, pas mal, Jubi!

    1. mreeehh... I'm tired :P I'll probably regret posting this tomorrow when I'm sane :P

  2. I like this! Desperation, hardship... I won't mention, of course, that there are no monsters where I'm camping- no, that's definitely a total coincidence. *evil laugh*

  3. Persephone's going to kill you guys for leaving him....