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Esra Sunshine and B-J Maleficent: Trouble Brewing

((For the record, I have no plans left whatsoever. The rest of anything I post is just superb improvisation.))

Esra waited for hours on end once the call came in that the car was returning. He didn't hear the commotion at the back entrance as the prisoners escaped. He just waited in the cold in one of his only short-sleeved shirts. Everything warm was covered in blood and his favourite jumper's neckline was all wrinkled and ruined from the Baron's charming choking. He tried to look like the cold didn't bother him, even though there was no-one to impress. Finally the car approached. He had been called to be the one to meet the new prisoner due to injury. These two girls climbed out of the car, dragging the limp, pale form between them. The driver didn't offer any assistance. He gave the man's injuries one look and decided his course of action almost instantly. Part of him hoped the man would bleed to death before they reached his office, though. And he would need some new clothes. These ones were shredded and bloody and just unwearable now. He had his instructions and he began to drag the man carelessly to his office.


Perseus turned out to have a gun concealed in his waistband. He now strolled up and down the room, having threatened to kill the most important of the group first, who he had decided was Pourri, partially because she was the helpless one while she lay unconscious. He looked at the group assembled before him distastefully. There were the two white-haired ones, the cute one and what was clearly his sister, another man who looked to be Hispanic, two men who had struggled to see their seats, a bedraggled blonde, one elderly Mage and a man who kept his eyes on the blonde boy. Perseus hated each and every one of them already. Something in his head tried to object, but he insisted that he hated them all. "You're trespassing  the whole lot of you. I can place you under citizen's arrest."
One of the visually-impaired Mages shook his head, but he didn't speak.
The elderly Mage brightened up. "You're not supposed to be here either, I bet! You can't arrest us."
"You willing to risk it?"
"Of course I am. You're offering an obviously empty threat."
Perseus pointed the gun at him. "Is this an empty threat?" The elderly Mage shrugged.
The white-haired man raised his arm. "Firstly, you're holding a council elder at gunpoint, you could get in huge trouble for that. Lower your weapon and no charges will be pressed. Secondly, we are escapees from what could be seen as a prison. We have been being kept there for daring to oppose a...a dictator, if you will. We are seeking refuge."
The Cuban Mage considered this for a moment.
"We won't be any bother to the children. Not as much bother as the gun will be, anyway."
Frivolidad spun to see a group of the children watching from a doorway, and two who had been asleep in the main room awakening. He slowly tucked his gun back into its hiding place, uttering a Spanish curse under his breath. "You lot bring any danger to my doorstep, there will be severe consequences."
The other man nodded. The man who had gestured but not spoken had taken out a phone and was texting somebody. Perseus sighed. He would have to move ASAP. That or get Annie to move.


B-J followed her brother's progress down the hall with the limp body. She thought she had seen the man's face, but she was thinking she must have seen wrong. Esra didn't pay any attention whatsoever to the two bodies laying there by the cell block entrance. He didn't seem to notice or care that no-one was in the cells in that particular block, but he changed direction, causing B-J to have to hide down an adjoining corridor. He dragged the man a long way to the Northern cell block and dumped him in the hall instead of any of the cells. These cells were for wild animals, after all, not humans. He turned and she dodged away. "B-J, you can wake him up if you want. I wasn't told to put him in a cell, after all. Just take him to the West block. Now, if you don't mind, I have a breakout to report and some Mages to find." He walked off without looking at her and she scampered down to where Erskine Ravel lay. He was dressed in a white shirt and trousers. They were a little too small for him. They must have been Esra's, which meant he had healed him, which worried her as to how badly he had been hurt before being brought there. She gently began to shake his shoulder.

Finally, he awoke. A dry groan forced its way from his throat and he turned away from Maleficent. She paused, not sure whether to say anything or not and in the end reached forwards and helped him sit up. "You're okay. You'll be fine."
She was pretty certain the elbow jab was a reflex, just as she automatically blocked it and countered by attempting to knee him in the gut. He rolled away and saw who she was. Even so, it took him a couple of minutes to lower his fighting stance. "Oh God no..."
A shriek sounded from somewhere down the halls as Cadence found out her brother was no longer in his cell. B-J sighed. There probably wasn't any hope of sneaking Ravel back out. Especially not with the break out and the bodies of the guards...Slowly, she helped the Grand Mage to his feet. "I won't let any harm come to you." She promised in a whisper.
"Don't make promises you can't keep."
"I mean it, I'll do anything I can to stop them hurting you!"
"It's too late for that." He grabbed her wrist and started walking.
"You're pessimistic."
"I think right now I have the right to be."
"Me too, but I choose to wave that right." She smiled up at him and led the way, trying to lead to an exit without running into any nasties.

When they turned the corner, the person who collided with them was not one of Mevolent's men. It was Dexter Vex. There were people behind him, though. His eyes widened at the sight of the Grand Mage. There was an awkward pause before he forced him back the way they had come and dodged into a random side door. The men who had been following passed by without realising.
"You do realise this is a private bedroom...right?"


Daemon Scaroe stood by a beach. Her shirt proclaimed she was a fan of Black Veil Brides, a woollen hat over her short brown-black hair. She kept her head down, awaiting her contact. She didn't deem him very reliable. The time came and she moved away, closer to the road. If all had gone to plan, Defiance and Diamond had gotten him free and would bring them to her. The three of them had a plan.

Nostradamus Defiance held onto the leather of the seat as Belinda Diamond weaved the prisoner transport vehicle through crowded streets. Normally he would believe she was a little too short to reach the peddles and they were both pretty sure none of the prisoners in the back knew their transport had been hijacked. They only needed one of them, though. The others could go free or maybe be in an unfortunate car accident. They weren't quite sure yet. It depended on whether they would be any trouble to them or not. The fat, blonde Necromancer girl parked the van by the beach Daemon waited at. The brunette Necromancer moved to the back of the van, mildly surprised at the method of delivery, and opened it up, scanning the faces of the convicts within. She spotted Springheeled Jack at the back and climbed inside to get him. The three Mages had an offer he just couldn't refuse.


Serpine sat opposite the Baron, for the first few minutes nothing more than a cool glare passing between them. Finally, Serpine spoke. "I assume that Mevolent is unaware of your return?"
"I was unaware of his."
"I see. How much exactly has my son filled you in on?"
"He said who he worked for and that he had the Grotesquery. That's about it."
"Ah. That little project was meant to be a secret and he knew it. We went through a lot of trouble to get that thing and he still doesn't quite understand why we need it."
"Unless he does, and he's messing with you. He seems to have his own plans for its fate."
"He doesn't get to make plans. He doesn't do plans. He just messes up everyone else's."
"In that case, what is his purpose here?"
"He's just here because he follows me around like a stupid puppy. No matter how many times I kick it away, it still follows loyally, looking for some kind of appreciation. Personally, I feel he would be more hindrance than help here. Still, he tries his best, I guess...we just gave him a permit to experiment on things. In turn, we've found use for him. He's a healer, after all."
"Plus the Grotesquery."
"Indeed." He was about to continue when someone knocked on the door. Esra slowly nudged the door open.
"I thought it was worth reporting that the West wing was empty when I got there. Before you ask, Vehemence was the on-duty. Dead." He stood under their stares-maybe glares-for a moment before disappearing to alert any on-duty guards he could find. Maybe some on their breaks as well.


Narcissus Jfzqfkb (pronounced Sheff-ez-kif-keb if you want to know) tried to get some sleep. He was the oldest Mage there, and a dimensional shunter who had been imprisoned to stop any chances of him ruining Mevolent's plans after helping him. He had been listening to Arthritis Dank talk about his children, two of which he had not seen for over 90 years but knew the taken names of. It had been nice. It had meant Narcissus didn't have to lie down and sleep. The problem was that the way Mevolent had used him ended with a scarred mind and a lot of nightmares. He was how they had gotten a hold of the Grotesquery, but how they managed to get him to the right place was beyond him. He lay awake instead, watching Frivolidad bustling about, preparing to leave. He thought about leaving the rest of these people himself. Narcissus preferred to be alone.


Awesome Dude had been detained at the Sanctuary. He was currently trying his best to remain calm. It wasn't going too well. Right now he would kill for a smoke break. Someone came in, a complete stranger. He didn't care. He didn't meet the newcomer's eyes. "I don't care if I get arrested. In fact, I'd feel I deserve it...I just want it to be known that I had no idea who the girl was going after when she called me here, and when I found out I was halfway through fighting. At that point, it was just self-defence and instinct...I would not willingly or knowingly act against the Sanctuary..."
There was a silence, but Sam didn't mind. He was a horrible person, he didn't deserve to be spoken to...

((The detective at the end is an open role if anyone's interested? I'm going to try my best to avoid the creation of a new character right now. I have a very high OC total...))

Daemon Scaroe does not belong to me. Nor was she originally a she, apparently.


  1. This is awesome! Keep writing! 98% of what I write is improv, anyway- I do tons of plotting, sure, but in the end the characters take over. It's like that saying "Smile and nod, and then do whatever the heck you were going to do anyway." So yeah...
    Anyway, please keep going! This is great!

  2. Hmm... If you want, I could use Rosa for this last part- I don't know if that would work for you or not, but shoot me an email if you're interested. My email is
    Sorry I can't offer you any more than that- all my other characters are either physically or emotionally dead, and occupied anyway.

    1. It would be preferably an Irish detective since Awesome's section is set in Ireland...but it would be helpful anyway if you're interested. I honestly don't mind, I just know that if I end up having to take that detective it isn't going to have a name or personality.
      And I don't mind if you can't offer anything. You don't have to and I'm actually used to being ignored, so becoming part of this collab has been a lot of fun because I actually get reviews! *throws mini party*
      Have a nice day :)

    2. Being ignored is not fun. And your writing deserves so much more than that! *makes mental note to read your blogs later*

  3. This is so AWESOME!!! Please continue the awesomeness!!!!