Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Zafira's Suicide

Zafira looked up at Javier fear in her eyes.
"Are. You. Insane." She growled. "I just let you kill me?!"
"Zaffy please listen to me! What if... We used your reflection?" Javier pleaded. He couldn't let his fiancé die. He wouldn't do it,
"Wait. What if you play dead, Zaf? Like Javert!" Zafira shook her head
"Go to bloody Ireland and kill me? No."
Javier sighed, "No I mean legit I 'kill' you and lie to Serpine and then you come back from the dead somehow." Zafira rolled her eyes
"Ah yes we Necromancers do that." She said sarcastically Javier smiled
" I got an idea." He kissed her cheek. "When Serpine calls I'll use my magic on you and when i stop you go quiet ok?"
"Fine." She sighed. With that being said they lay together on the couch. Javier expected it to be an hour or so before Serpine decided to call. And sure enough he did. Zafira saw Javier and then he was gone. Replaced was her fear: Mevolent himself. She could feel the pain of torture as if she was being tortured and she screamed begging for death. When she no longer felt it she went silent.

Javier looked away from Zafira letting her be.
"Happy Serpine? Perfect timing of that call."
"Good." Serpine said from the other line. " Mevolent will be happy to know." He hung up and Javier grinned
"Nice acting love." Zafira sat up laughing hysterically.
" i did major in theater."

Back in Ireland Mevolent watched the whole scenario take place. He had spies everywhere. Nefarian Serpine had reported Javier's murder and left. But Mevolent knew the truth he turned to Lord Vile
"I want Kerias alive and Fyreheart dead or alive." He told the general. " I don't care how but just do it." Lord Vile bowed and left leaving Mevolent alone. He replayed the scene from his high tech camera
"Two can play at one game, Zafira." Mevolent whispered. He took his knife from his pocket. "And you will meet my sword, the god-killer when we meet at last." He put the knife away and looked at the god-killer. He wanted Kerias' death to be painful the Scepter would kill her but the god-killer can too. And he wanted her to suffer. Now he needed to have the Grand Mage hand delivered to him.


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    2. :| lucky you died quick!
      Lord Vile might not let us off so easy!
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  2. I'm really surprised he hasn't used the binding symbol yet... Great chapter, though!

  3. Vile? Lord Vile? How? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGFHNHFSJIANHFUIEW!!! *hides under enchanted rock*

    I'll come out when it's safe. Great chapter by the way. The ending leaves me with the after effects of thrills.

  4. Priorities, Persephone.

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    It should be: THE WORLD IS GONNA DIE OMG LORD VILE. oh yay Les Mis.