Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mistical Future: Prison Brake

A tall man that was ridiculously thin and had greasy black hair walked up to Mistical.
"I have an assignment for you. Come with me" said the skinny man, Mistical asked no questions and followed. The man lead her into a small room with a sofa on ether side and a coffee table in the middle.
"Sit" said the man as he gestured to a sofa. Mistical sat down, the sofa was comfy but she sat on the edge.
"You are aware of the Irish Sanctuary aren't you?" Asked the man
"Yes, but most sorcerers that live in Ireland are aren't they?" Said Mistical, the man just glared "Don't worry it was a rhetorical question" said Mistical as she smiled under her mask. The man still glared.
"We need you to get into the Sanctuary and do this task" said the man as he handed her as folder. Mistical took it and skimmed through it.
"So can you do it whilst being as you say a ghost" asked the man
"Yes, this should be easy!" Said Mistical
"Good can you have it done by tomorrow afternoon?"
"Yes I can"
"Good then I shall tell Mevolent" said the man as he left.


The moonlight illuminated the night at Roarhaven and Mistical watched the Sanctuary from a distance. 'Now for the hard bit, getting in without being seen and with all the added security it would be more difficult that usual' thought Mistical. There was a van driving past she jumped next to it then slid underneath and held onto the bottom of the van. It drove right past the Sanctuary then Mistical rolled out from beneath it then flattened herself against the Sanctuary wall. There where a couple of cleavers guarding the door. Mistical ran up to them silently and jumped above them then stuck out her sword into the wall above the door, and Mistcal clung onto it. The cleavers didn't notice her so the dropped silently to the ground and turned the door handle.'God I hope this door doesn't squeak!'. She pushed the door open and it didn't make a sound, Mistical mentally sighed and slipped inside.
The administrators desk was near by, Mistical heard no one coming so she quietly jogged past when he administrator wasn't looking.
"Now where to go, this place is like a dam labyrinth" said Mistical to herself as she looked at the corridors, "I believe it is this way" said Mistical and headed right.
Every time Mistical heard someone coming she would ether hide in a unused room or berry her sword in the wall above the sight of mages and sit on it.
'Ah there's the prison cells, now for the other tricky bit' thought Mistical. There where two cleavers guarding the door in and a mage sitting at a desk inside. 'They should really have more people guarding this place'.
Mistical snuck up to the cleaver on the right side, he couldn't see her because of the dim halls helped her dark grey coat blend in. She grabbed him and put him in a sleeper hold before his companion even registered that he was gone. Mistical jumped over the other cleaver so he only saw the body of his companion,then Mistical grabs him in a sleeper hold and knocked him out to. Mistical opened the door to the prison section of the Sanctuary and slipped inside but the door clicked when she closed it. Mistical flipped over the mage as he looked to where she was just standing, while he wasn't looking she grabbed him in a sleeper hold. Once he was knocked out she dragged the unconscious bodies of the cleavers in the prison room. Mistical striped them of there weapons and put them in the first cell on he left that had no prisoners in it.
"Ladies and gentlemen" Mistical said into a microphone that went to a speaker that went into all the cells. Mistical used a voice that was more high pitch than hers, "I am here to inform you that Mevolent wishes that you would join his forces, however you do not have to. But you are all free to do as you wish" said Mistical as she pulled the leaved that opens all the cells, "We would like you to all be free and to make chaos for the Sanctuary, have a good day!" Said Mistical then she closed the cell door with the weapons in and left before any of the prisoners came out as saw her. 'Now to find Elder Bespoke' thought Mistical.


  1. It's a jailbreak!

  2. Ooh, I like this... Going after Elder Bespoke, eh? Well this will be fun to watch. Please write more!