Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Persephone Grief: Leila Nightshade

Persephone strolled up the street, skimming through the papers Marcus had given her.
Retractable blades at each end of staff.
Alright, she'd have to watch out for those. Nightshade seemed strong, but she'd killed worse. Morbid but true. It gave her confidence to think about the people she'd killed, and she didn't regret a single one.
Ah, there she was. Nightshade was standing by a gravestone, reading the inscription. She looked totally oblivious to the world. Persephone smirked.
This'll be easy.
Persephone vanished, and vaulted over the low stone wall, landing in a crouching position. She straightened, and walked carefully over to Nightshade, balancing on the balls of her feet. She took her dagger, and prepared to drive it between her ribs, when Nightshade spun around and caught her around the wrist.
"Who are you?" she snarled. "Why can't I see you?" Persephone instinctively stamped on Nightshade's instep, then yanked her arm away and hit her on the ear. Nightshade fell backwards in pain, and Persephone slashed at her with the knife. Nightshade blocked with her staff, and twisted it up at Persephone, knocking her off balance. Persephone spun around, crouching low, then smashing the handle of her knife into Nightshade's solar plexus. Nightshade hunched over then whipped shadows at Persephone's chest. Persephone twisted, and the shadows sliced into her shoulder, making her wince. Blood sprayed across the ground, and some splattered against Nightshade's face. She wiped it away, and thrust her staff towards Persephone's face, the blade glinting in the light. Persephone dropped to the ground, and swung her legs into the back of Nightshade's knees. She collapsed, and Persephone stood up quickly and brought her knife down into Nightshade's chest, burying it up to the hilt. Nightshade's eyes widened, she coughed up a little blood, and collapsed, lifeless.
Persephone yanked her knife out of Nightshade's heart, and wiped it on her coat. As she turned to leave, a cold blade stopped her.
"Why did you kill her?" the man asked. "I'm not angry, but I am wondering who sent you."


  1. Nice, Sev!!!!
    [Cackles at death of Leila]

    1. *bows*
      Thank you, thank you.
      That was the funnest fight scene I've ever written

  2. Nice fighting :) Hmm. I wonder who the mysterious guy is. Great chapter, I liked your descriptions and the action. The cliffhanger was really well done. (I think I'm an expert on cliffhangers by now. Every story I've ever written has cliffhangers at the end of every chapter XD I think I'm forgetting how NOT to do them.)
    I just realised that it's half-past three and I haven't had lunch... *facepalm* I liked this chapter a lot, please write again soon!

    1. It's Arsenic.... yeah... I was going to say it was him, but then I realized Persephone didn't know who he was...

    2. Oh, of course. So much happening...

    3. It's 3:39pm here and I haven't even thought of lunch!!!!