Sunday, January 20, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Mevolent's Control

Zafira looked up and saw Mevolent
"What do you want?" She growled at him. He shook his head,
"I haven't done anything to you and yet you respond to me in that way."
"Last time I saw you you tried to kill me."
"Not kill dear Zafira merely maim." Zafira glared at his hands. She hated Mevolent. She currently pictured his head on a stake, the image comforted her. She felt someone grab her and force her to stand. Of course Mevolent would. He put a knife to her neck
"Zafira if you cooperate I'll let you live. " Zafira ignored him and cursed him in Spanish. Mevolent sighed and when he spoke it was a command
"Zafira enough you are under my control." The Grand Mage tried to protest but she couldn't. It was mot his wish that she should.

In New York Javier was going insane. Zafira was missing and he couldn't take it. Physics tried to locate her and nobody could. Until someone traced her to Ireland. Javier nearly died. If Mevolent had her....she could be lost to him forever. He fell to the floor in her office. She had asked God forbid anything happen he be allowed to do as she would. He told the Administrator
"We get the hell to Ireland and get her." With that the team of sorcerers picked left. To get Grand Mage Kerias by force if necessary."

Zafira was in shock yet she couldn't show any emotion to Mevolent. He looked at her necklace which was alive with shadows.
"Go. Find Jason and help him." Zafira went to Jason. If she had her own free will she'd have been telling him off. Now she was forced to go to Jason. Her necklace felt cold with death. She was in a place where death was. She bet her own death was coming.


  1. [Shudders] Controlling people's minds? Seriously not cool, Mevolent!

    Nice writing and exciting chapter, Zaf!

  2. I'm disliking yet somehow still liking this...

    Probably made no sense but... Yeah!

    Great chapter!! Poor, poor Javier

  3. We should start a "forced to obey Mevolent" club.
    At lease he didn't hurt you when he activated yours. Keep writing! I want to see what he makes you do.