Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lilia White and Awesome Dude: Called To Battle

Perhaps it could be seen as rather strange to have two rather wealthy women sitting opposite each other in the Midnight Hotel. Closer inspection would show the first woman's nerves. Perhaps she had come in without signing in. She had caused a fair bit of trouble last time she had been there with her fights, very eager to take on the owner of the hotel once the fighting had begun. Currently, Lilia was half-certain she was barred from the Midnight Hotel. Amandine had managed to get her a space though small amounts of fraud. They were currently hoping Anton never realised. It would be trouble for both of them and maybe some of their like-minded friends. After all, what sort of reputation would they bring their friends with their problems coming to light?

Lilia was curled up on one of the chairs checking things on her phone and filling her usual teasing quota as she usually did by frustrating her confused boyfriend beyond belief. This took up one hand while the other was splayed before Amandine, who was painting the nails with lightning bolt patterns. Lilia's phone gave a small ba-ding that sounded excruciatingly loud in the quiet room. She checked it and cursed.
"What is it?"
Lilia smiled slightly. "Austin's sister."
"What about her?"
"She's in trouble. She's requesting help...where are we?"
Amandine shrugged. "I'll ask."


Awesome Dude was a little embarrassed about his taken name these days. He felt a bit stupid at times. Not when he was drunk, of course. He felt awesome when he was drunk. He was just beginning to get his friends to call him Sam. Sam used to date a pretty Necromancer after she had appeared one day when he was talking to her brother. Currently he was with a Sensitive, Luna Starr. He hadn't spoken to the Necromancer for a while now. He was currently out having lunch at one of his favourite places, very self-concious of the way his hair stuck up in two little devil horns. He looked a bit like he was waiting for someone as he lit up a cigarette. The weather was rotten but he was still sat outside. He needed to smoke, he couldn't smoke inside. The phone in his breast pocket went off, playing a short voice clip from 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' to tell him he had a text. He read it and turned his head to look towards the Mage town not too far ahead. Roarhaven. "Got yourself in trouble, have you?" He mumbled, looking up at the darkening sky and hugging himself for warmth. There was an ash tray on the table he could stub his cigarette out on before walking inside to pay so that he could go help Cadence. After all, if Austin ever found out he'd blanked his sister, there could be serious repercussions.


Esra stepped forward to help Vengeous up, muttering 'it worked' over and over. As he neared, the Baron's hand shot out and caught Esra by the throat. "What day is it?" He asked, rubbing his face with his free hand. Esra tried to reply, but he could only get out a strangled wheeze. Darren replied as quickly as he could, giving the exact date and time right down to the nearest second. The last number changed three times as he spoke it. "Uh...could you let him...breathe?" The necromancer asked, gesturing nervously to his boss, who was now panicking, clawing at the hand that held him as he began changing colour.
Vengeous gave him half a glance. "Why should I?"
"Well...he's Serpine's son..."
"I hated that little brat of his...the girls could behave, but the little boy was a menace."
"A-and he was the one who brought you back...I don't know why he wanted you..."
"Me neither. Only one way to find out, I guess." Reluctantly, Vengeous released the purple-faced mage, who dropped to the floor and gasped like a fish out of water. The newly revived Mage got to his feet and regarded Serpine's son with something bordering on hatred. "Lorcan, right?"
"His name's Esra." Darren finished for him quietly.
"Ah, I see." He gave Esra time to get his breath back and stand up. By this point, Nostradamus was on his feet as well. He coughed a little as he waved the Sensitive away and spoke.
"I...I...I'm not sure how to put this." He straightened himself out, a little self-concious after the choking fiasco of how the Baron saw him. "I work for Mevolent and my father. We...well, I am currently in possession of the Grotesquery and you have first-hand experience with it. What I need is to ask a few things about it. If you'd be so kind as to accompany me and my dimwitted companion here back to our base of operations..."


Sam kept his pace slow, a leisurely walk. No-one would know that he hadn't rushed to her aid.

Except Lilia, who actually was running. They reached the Sanctuary at the same time and stood for a minute staring at one another. "Cadence got into trouble here?" Sam mumbled suspiciously. Lilia shrugged.
"That's why I'm here." They went in together and found an air of chaos. Lilia broke into a run and the rather unhealthy Sam followed at a jog.

Cadence shadow-walked into her. Lilia shrieked as the two of them tumbled to the floor.
"Wow, Kay, your fashion sense sure has taken a turn for the worse." Sam stated with a laugh.
"Says the guy in the orange robes and yellow bloody parachute pants."
"...They're cargoes..."
"Enough talking fashion!" Lilia snapped, helping her friend's sister to her feet. "What have you gotten yourself into, Kay?"
Cadence took a deep breath and told them what she was there for. As she finished, Awesome turned to see a group of sorcerers round the corner. "You're here to capture the Grand Mage and do evil things and you expect us to help you?!"
"I'm being blackmailed!"
One sorcerer went to strike but Awesome caught his wrist and splintered the bone. "And now you've involved perfectly respectable innocents."
Lilia shook her head. "And here I was worrying that being caught at the Midnight Hotel would ruin my reputation, now you're asking that I use my magic to destroy the Sanctuary?" She sighed deeply, looking at her freshly painted nails sorrowfully. "And I had just decided to take a break from letting it out to get what I want..."
"You girls going to help at all?" Awesome asked as the sorcerers closed in to fight and he pressed his fingers against another one to break even more bones. The two girls sighed. Cadence shot her shadows out into the fray as a clawed hand reached out of Lilia's chest...

Disclaimer: Awesome Dude belongs to not me...not entirely, anyway...


  1. Ohhhh! This is getting good now!!

    I can't wait for the Baron to come back to the castle! Seems like so much fun!!

    Great chapter!

  2. Oh AWESOME!!! This is so intense!!! :D

  3. I love your whole thing about Awesome Dude maybe having regrets- his character is really fun! Actually, they all are. Love it!