Friday, January 18, 2013

Fabi: The Club

     Every room had a body, some two. That settled it, Fabi was out of there. There was even a closet full of hospital staff. Fabi broke into a sweat, wondering if she was meant to be next. That settled it, she was out of there. She grabbed a pointy metal thing (she didn't want to know what it was for) and a few bits of micellaneous metal trinkets (the dead had no more need for them), and crafted a ball and chain. She picked a room, shoved the corpse of a woman in her late forties under the hospital bed and paused. How had she died? There were no visible wounds...Fabi pulled a thing of hand sanitizer out of her pocket (strange that she still had it) and began slathering it all over her arm. She was squirting more, when she heard the footsteps.
     They were soft, but heavy at the same time, and sounded like they belonged to someone much bigger than Ember or Liberty. Someone Fabi did not want to meet. She willed the lock on the door to fuse in place. He would have to break the entire door down.
     "Open up, Fabienne S., I know you're in there! Mevolent will not be happy if you resist."
     It would take an awful lot for Mevolent to be happy with me, resistance or no. Fabi held onto the chain and swung the metal ball into the window until there was a gigantic hole, then she fused one end to the windowframe and held onto the other. She lowered herself down just as the man burst into the room. She stretched the metal chain as thin as she could, then fell the last few feet. Ouch. She had never been fully healed in the first place, now she was even less so.
    She forced herself to her feet, and picked a direction with a lot of metal. She sprinted as fast as she could, faster than she'd expected considering her injuries. She dodged around, her metal-senses providing a basic framework of the buildings around her. There was a blank area off to her left, a few bigger hunks of metal, then nothing. Must be the water, maybe boats? She ran parallel to the coast, not wanting to run herself into a dead end. She did anyway. Somewhere along the way, her pursuer had gained two companions, each one, although shorter than Fabi, much burlier.
     Fabi drew her ball and chain, and melted it into a long, curved ninja-style sword. She decapitated the first man before he even had time to beg. It had been a while since she'd used one of these. She should really do it more often. The bigger of the two men put his fingers in his mouth and began to let out a shrill whistle. Fabi silenced it with a swoop of the blade. Wow, that felt strangely good.
     She had barely had time to register the thought, when the other man jumped on her back. She grunted. Hadn't the dude ever heard of a diet? She flailed, trying to get him off, her super awesome ninja sword flying across the road. She heard pounding footsteps, and a shout. The man on her back had her head in a tight lock now, she was holding her breath... Then, he went limp and slid off. 
    Fabi turned, and saw his body glowing slightly, then it faded, making him look like the other scrape free corpses in the hospital-place. Ember was standing a few feet away, her hands still glowing as she drank the man's life force. Fabi shuddered, and picked up her sword.
     "He called for reinforcements! This isn't the best place to fight them! Don't make me go back there!" the last bit referring to the hospital-of-death.
     She picked a direction, and ran, only stopping when she saw the other mage. She was wiping blood from her sword, and seemed to be trying to figure out who they were.
     "Are these friends of yours?" the stranger gestured to the bodies of four men identical to the people Fabi had fought. Were they heptuplets, or something?
     "No. Chances are, they wanted to kill me."
     "Ditto. I'm Star Inkbright, and you are?" Star asked, sheathing a wicked-looking blade, not that different from Fabi's own, maybe even cooler.
     "Fabi S." Fabi melted her own ninja sword into a bunch of hairpins again, and stuck them in her hair, at odd angles.
     "That wouldn't be short for Fabzilla Snake, would it?" Star asked, an eyebrow slightly raised.
     "Erm, no. Why?" 
     "Oh, nothing." Star smiled. "Who's your friend?"
     Fabi looked behind her, and saw Ember, looking innocent.
     "I'm September Silver. Welcome to the club!"
      Yippee! First Mevolet, then a revolution and now a club. What more could I want? Fabi groaned inwardly.


  1. All we need now is Ieni and Charisma.

    1. Please don't tell me your revolution thingy is MAHU in disguise!!!


  2. LOL at least your popular!

    And great fight sceen!!!

  3. Replies
    1. YES, STAR! *points to self*

      LIVE STAR! NOT DEATH STAR! *laughs* (Star Wars reference)

    2. For a moment I thought you were referring to me!
      *Wipes brow*

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you all for appreciating my super awesome ninja sword. :)


  5. "Her super awesome ninja sword flying across the road"... Your super awesome sentence made me laugh. Great job!

    1. Thank you all for appreciating my super awesome ninja sword. :)


  6. *laughs* :)

    Yes, you got me about right. I like the "ditto" part, because I SAY that. :)